Mar 22, 2009

The ABC of me

Here's another popular meme I had fun with. It may be of aid to others reading (and to myself, writing) to get a clearer glimpse of who I am.

A - ADVOCATE FOR: Preserving planet Earth. This single prototype is the only one we’ve got and it is obviously rebelling against us. We are guests of this mighty host, and we’re feasting on it like a swarm of ravenous parasites. I don’t need charts and statistics to believe in Global Warming. I’ve seen with my own eyes what it has done to both Mount Kilimanjaro and the Perito Moreno glacier. In thirty years I have watched my beloved crystal clear, emerald Mediterranean Sea become a puddle of polluted murky water.

B - BEST FEATURE: I have great feet. They are sexy and always well groomed. My tootsies have always received many compliments, gifts (toe rings and kisses) and indecent proposals by foot fetishists.

C - COULD DO WITHOUT: Winter! I abhor the cold. My Mediterranean blood has nothing but disdain for the months of November through March in the Northern Hemisphere of this planet. The warmth of the sun is life.

D - DREAMS & DESIRES: Are they not one in the same? Those things that I longingly desire inevitably find their way into my open-eyed dreams and, very often, many things surface subconsciously in my reveries that I am astonished to discover I really do desire.

E - ESSENTIAL ITEMS: Essential? As in absolutely necessary; indispensable?
1) Labello lip balm and Carmex: I suffer from cronic dry, flaky lips.
2) My laptop. I am a compulsive writer. And often logorrheic in my scribblings.
3) My DVD player. It is sadly dying of old age, and soon will have to be replaced. Whenever I play a disk on it, all the voices are squeaky and the shadow of a dark vertical band runs down the middle of the screen.
4) Music. I need music to sustain me during the blues, and a little rhythm when I’m feeling apathetic. Whenever my iPod’s battery runs low or dies in the middle of a song, I weep.
5) Stories: Books. Movies. Songs. Poems. Fables.

F - FAVORITE PASS TIME: Writing. This applies even when I pen nothing but total crap. Still, I write. It is my therapy.

G - GOOD AT: My job. All modesty aside, I am one of the top-ranked quadri-lingual script supervisors in the Italian film business. It’s a challenging occupation, one laden with responsibilities, and designed for methodical multitasking, well organized and orderly folks. I’m damn good at my profession.

H - HAVE NEVER TRIED: Sky Ddiving, bungee jumping, para-sailing and free climbing. Anything that involves putting serious distance between me and the earth terrifies me.

I - IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I'd retire. Buy a house below the equator on a beach somewhere. Visit Africa twice a year. Store some away in an account with a ridiculously high interest rate. Travel. And if there’s any left, open a restaurant on the above mentioned beach.

J - JUNKIE FOR: Chocolate. I’ve been called a ‘chocoslut’ and a ‘cioccolata snob’ and yet… I care not.

K - KINDRED SPIRIT: My dear pal Michela whom I’ve only just known four years, and my darling Laura, who’s been my school mate and close Friend since we were 6 years old. But my veritable soul twin is Emi, my mother.

L - LITTLE KNOWN FACT: My grandfather was a prominent Italian filmmaker, one of the founders of Neorealism.

M - MEMORABLE MOMENT: January 26th, 2006 – 3:38pm, the day my life changed and I gave birth to E.

N - NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Allow a lover to trample on my dignity.

O - OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: Professional Ayurvedic massage. I will upgrade this to a full week in a beauty spa in Bali as soon as aforementioned point I) happens.

P - PROFESSION: I once had an actual profession, I was a graphic designer. But I gave it up for a totally crazy desire to follow my dream of working on a film set.

Q - QUOTE: "Immortality. I notice that as soon as writers broach this question they begin to quote. I hate quotation. Tell me what you know." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

R - REASON TO SMILE: My son, E. the 3 year-old truck driver, construction engineer, helicopter pilot, poet.

S - SORRY ABOUT: Apologizing. I do it too often and it drives people crazy. (Sorry.)

T - TELL A SECRET: Not happening. Secrets can’t be told.

U - UNINTERESTED IN: Gossip in general. Specifically re Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the like.

V - VERY SCARED OF: Vampires, demons and severe thunderstorms. Ever noticed how really, really bad things happen to people during thunderstorms, especially in horror movies?

W - WORST HABIT: I text while I drive. I know, I know…

X - X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Impossible to say! Out of all the places I have been to date… probably South Africa. The country is amazing and it has beautiful landscapes and beaches, bewildering skies, fabulous wine, crazy good dining options and insane amounts of wonderful wildlife.

Y - YUMMIEST DESSERT: Anything that involves chocolate is guaranteed to give me a foodgasm.

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: I’m the quintessential Taurus by the traditional zodiac. My rising sign is Capricorn. According to the Chinese calendar, I am a Sea Goat.

What's your alphabet?


  1. Your list is so very endearing. And all I can remember is Eli because it is such a wonderful name. Oops, that's not true, I remember your profession and your apologies and your son and pretty much all of. And as I said, endearing you are.

  2. I enjoyed every letter of that meme! How wonderfully well you write.

    So pleased, too, to read that your X spot is South Africa! I think perhaps you would also love Uganda - still splendidly wild and spectacularly beautiful in the hinterland)

  3. Ciao Lola! I am happy to have found your blog through Bell'Avventura. What a lovely first post to read! I look forward to reading your new blog Forchettine, too. Good practice for my Italian studies! Do you come down to the Amalfi Coast area often?

  4. I did enjoy your list and I think we must be foot twins because my two little feet are also one of the best things about me.

    As for *quadri-lingual script supervisor[s] in the Italian film business.* - I am impressed and jealous. Firstly of your obvious linguistic ability and secondly because I would love to have worked in the film industry.

  5. Lola, we're all impressed with your job, your language skills, your taste in quality cuisine, and your abilities to reach out in blogland in just a few strokes and connect with the greater world. Congratulations. YOu are somebody to watch, for sure.

    Now, thank you for your alphabet confessional. It allowed a bigger picture and more detailed description of your many talents. I look forward to more of these.
    Regarding Forchette, it is definitely going to take you on another orb. Will you be able to add more traffic somehow, as in advertizing and product testimonials?

    When you need west coast critiques, I'm game. Husband and I plan vacations when we are tired of eating at home; eager for adventure and quality, on a crusade to ferret out the best food outthere that has not been discovered yet. We also frequent the tried and true and snooty, just to have an idea of what people are talking about.

    French cuisine, by the way, during our last September vacation, cannot hold a candle to the Napa/Sonoma wealth of fresh food prepared creatively. With one exception, the Michelin rated restaurant I blogged about and I'm not remembering right now. Ciao, and Buon Appetito.

  6. Erin - Coming from you, I am honored! These apparently superficial, silly little meme games in actual fact can allow one to dig quite deep.

    Tessa - Oh, Uganda!? I must come visit and find out more. Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Laura - Do I ever!! (come to the Amalfi Coast) I practically grew up in Positano. Childhood, great friends, first kisses, first raw octopus from the hands of Salvatore (Fratillo), a father figure of sorts.

    French Fancy - Ciao tootsie twin, glad you enjoyed. The film business is glamorous, OK. But not that much, really. The creative side is sadly more and more neglected.

    Rosaria cara - re forchettine: more traffic is good, I'm still not comfortable about advertising. This blogging thing started for fun, I'd feel bad exploiting it (Perhaps that's too harsh a word). But I am giving it some thought. I need counsel and feedback, so please feel free. As far as the California correspondent, thou art welcome to add thy notable word, woman! One big confession: I have never been to Napa. (che vergogna!)

  7. Hi Lola, thanks for these great facts about you! I love learning about the people we blog with. It's almost like having pen-pals. Your job sounds incredible and fun and exciting, and I'm impressed that you know four languages.

    xo sallymandy

  8. sallymandy - Blogland is pen-pal heaven! It's great, I'm loving it.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  9. Well if I had a million dollars I would be right where you are. Funny how that works.

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  11. this gave me a good laugh.

    you're endearing ...

  12. Very interesting! I loved learning more about you. We're in the crazy movie biz here in LA, so your list was particularly interesting. Even my son, who caught our love for the film biz, is even working the Oscars as a PA for his third season. Rubbing tuxedoed shoulders tonight!

    I loved your list. Funny, beautifully written (as always) and adorable.

  13. Thank you Gina and Barbara! ;)

  14. My comment is from the middle of reading your blog(s) and sidebar(s).
    I am a dumbass (not sure about the spelling, but like the sound). I was meditating over your photos all these months and did not know about your other blogs. What a pleasure-reading! And your writing talent is seen in every your post, which adds more pleasure to the reader. Well, I go on now. And learn to be open and sincere. Good luck!