Mar 23, 2009

Cute cutlery

I don't need an iPhone. I'm not into flat-panel TVs or fancy hi-fi sound systems. My iPod is an old "black and white" scratched model, and I had to replace the headphones because my toddler flushed the old ones down the toilet. I'm not much of a gadget freak, but there are some toys I can't do without. Primarily kitchen utensils, vintage tin boxes, maps and the contents of my tool box. I have a thing for home improvement paraphernalia, yes. I waltz into a hardware store and have diffculty leaving empty-handed. I once bought a cordless drill set and a paint stripper, and the two guys at the cash register thought I was either darkly sexy, or else a serial killer in dire need of disposing of a body; because they couldn't stop staring, mouths agape.

I have recently come across two very interesting items, while surfing the web. They are useful, fun and downright genius.
Anyone who has had to go through the thrice daily feeding ritual with a baby or toddler knows how aggravating a fussy eater can be. You often have to resort to flights of fantasy (and literal ones too) just to get them to open their mouths.
So the first solution is get them an "Air Fork One," a fork shaped like an aeroplane that provides a much needed prop (no pun intended) for finicky eaters. Mealtime will become fun, feeders making jet noises and flying the load straight in.

The second genius idea tool I will be getting E. is a 3-piece cutlery set designed like construction vehicles. Each piece is shaped like some kind of cool digger, so the tot can have a ball excavating mashed potates, bulldozing peas or spearing carrots with a forklift.

Both images courtesy of

E. will finally get to play with his food without being scolded. And mommy can relax, flying her own food over her fantastical maps.


  1. OMG! What about for little fussy GIRLS! My boys were easy. My daughters are TERRIBLE eaters. I want some!!!!!!!
    Grazie Lola.xx♥

  2. Genius! Now why didn't I think of that while trying to coax a littlie to eat their spinach....

  3. This is a great idea! I am like you, I love to come across new finds, but the iphone is tempting!heehee! my kids are older and that is their toy, always showing me what it can do...

  4. Those are amazing. I have a 2 year old nephew that is obsessed with diggers and bull dozers!

  5. These would have made the toddler years in my house SO much easier. Alas! They are now 13 & 8.

  6. Oh, those are smart. Do you know how much saliva I would have saved by not having to go, Here comes the plane plsssssssss or something like that?

  7. These are darling. I wish something like that would work for a 12-year old fussy eater. Maybe a fork shaped like a cell phone?

  8. Natalie - Yes, girls are harder to coax into eating. I know because, believe it or not, I was one of those. Then at age 2 I discovered risotto.

    Tessa - Isn't it? Clever...

    Lori - It's a temptation I'm resisting for the moment, but perhaps because I'm unaware of its Tee hee.

    Joanne - I think it's a genetic thing with little boys. My son is obsessed too.

    Beth - Complimenti! Your kids are practically adults. And you're so young!

    Erin - That and the energy. I'm exhausted after a plate of peas.

    Sallymandy - ...or perhaps like a video-game. Is Playstation the bane of your existence too? I have friends who are slaves to it.