Mar 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #12

Regata Storica, Venice
September 2003

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Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. Lola you are so beautiful.

    Yes my salon sounds posh but it is not. But your food will make it so.

    I'm like fried sage and champagne. Yum. Do I eat that with my fingers.

    I am a horrible cook.

    Can you be the official chef of my salon and come and tell us what we are having every day. Please don't leave it up to me to state the dish for the day.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Renee, thank you. I'm blushing.
    Yes, you eat sexy fried sage with your fingers and get messy and wonderful. That's the whole point.
    Don't say horrible cook, say "lazy," or..."distracted." I'm here now, your in-salon caterer. You just sit back and keep doing your magic. It's all about stress-free living la bella vita.
    So glad to have met you, lovely Renee.

  3. Fun picture! Whose idea was it to sail a banana peel?

  4. Lola, that is gorgeous! And perfectly framed. What a moment!

  5. Michel - Venetians take their 16th century racing gondolas very seriously! Go to
    and scroll down to Historical Regatta section.

    Erin - It truly was a magical moment. We stood watching the race from a boat on the canal, among perfect strangers who kept pouring wine in our cups. We cheered and nearly fell in the water, enthralled by the race. The light was amazing that day...

  6. I want to be there,in that beautiful light, drinking wine poured by lovely strangers! I want to watch that boat paddle by. What a day, what a perfect memory. Great photo Lola!
    xoxo ♥♥♥

  7. That photo has a spring like color, mellow yellow!! The shirts match nice, Grazie :)

  8. Ok, I must be hiding under a rock to not have heard about mellow yellow monday. Indeed, that's what Mondays should be like but is always the opposite! ;-)

  9. Lori - Thank you, a photography compliment coming from you is worth a million!

    Chuck - Prego!

    Rowena - True, but yellow is such an invigorating, energy-boosting color! Ciao and thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. It's good to see your award proudly displayed!

    You food looks simply delightful. I noticed you have another blog in Italian. I tried to read it, as I lived many years ago for a short time, in Milan. I could understand a little but after a while my brain hurt!! ;-)

    See you again x

  11. Cheerful - Thank you, well I am one known to wear my heart on my sleeve, it was only natural for me to display my award!
    The Forchettine blog is my toy, this here is my cooking/life journal. I don't want your head to hurt, but reading's the best exercise for refreshing a foreign language. Ciao

  12. Hi Lola, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. great to meet you, and I am loving reading through your posts! African greetings :)

  13. Oh Lola, although I never saw any racing gondolas when I was there, this photograph brings to mind a perfect week I once spent in Venice. You description of your experience at the race sounds so in keeping with the warm, welcoming people I was so fortunate to meet there.

  14. Karen - African greetings to you too. Sawbona!

    Shrinky - Thank you! Hey you should read my post about my love affair with the city of Venice:

  15. Aaah, Venice, the city whose allure, beauty and mystery captured my heart from the moment I stepped out from the train station and was struck nearly speechless by its magnificence. I had, quite literally, walked into a painting by Canaletto.

  16. Tessa - My thoughts, exactly. The sensuality of Venice entices on all sensory levels. All that fluidity, stagnant and not, is unique. A vivid painting.

    Our terrific community of lady-bloggers should organize a Venetian getaway week together. A worldwide gathering, a gourmand/culture escapade. Wine, food, conversation and art... Wouldn't that be wonderful? (dreaming is gratis)