Mar 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

Kalk Bay, South Africa - fish market
May 2005

See more photos at
Mellow Yellow Monday



  1. Yellow quatro. How many do you see? Nice one. Happy MYM!

  2. what is yellow monday Lola? a photo with yellow in it? did you buy one of these fish? so many questions for monday ;)
    Happy tuesday now!

  3. Thank you all so much for stopping by!
    Lisa - Grazie very much.

    Erin - Oh, jumping out of the ocean-fresh.

    Dianne - It was a very busy day, yes.

    prki - Did you count the yellow tails on the fish too? :)

    Lori - Yes, check out the link, it's fun. You should have loads to contribute with your fabulous photos. I did buy a yellowfin that day and barbecued it on the beach. I was pregnant with E. at the time and didn't know it yet!

  4. Aaah, the memories. Actually, when I was little and we'd go down to Kalk Bay to get fish and crayfish, it was far less organised and sophisticated than it is today. The fishermen would sell straight from their boat decks!

  5. Tried to look for yellow tails, can't find them. Maybe they'll be more visible if the pic was bit bigger.:)

  6. Tessa - That must've been great. Eating at Kalky's is still fun. When we went it was not at all crowded.

    prkl - I know, they're practically invisible... Ciao