Apr 6, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #13

April 2009

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Mellow Yellow Monday

I almost thought of not posting anything today.
A horrible earthquake has hit central Italy at 3:32 am. Rome shook with a big scare, but no serious damage. The epicenter is in Abruzzo, and neighboring Umbria, Molise and parts of Lazio are involved with varying levels of destruction.
Eleven tremors during the night, 5.8 Richter scale, and the city of L'Aquila and surroundings are highly damaged.
Victims are 27 and counting, 5 of whom are children.

These little flowers are for them.


  1. Sad to hear, Lola. Hope you and yrs all fine. Till today I did not know if Italia is also in the earthquake zone. But mostly Greece and of course we are seen the top two countries being in dangerous risky area of this part in the world.

    May God save all of us from these kind of disasters.

  2. Hi Lola
    I have just been watching the earthquake on the news. So scary, so close to Rome, and I didn't know either that Italy was earthquake prone.
    Take care

  3. So sorry, Lola. My prayers are with Italy today.

  4. So sorry to see these headlines this morning, and worried about you, so glad to see your post. Prayers for you all. Wishing you peace.

  5. I'm so glad you're okay. The news has, indeed, been horrible.

    I hope that all goes as smoothly as it can for the survivors and their families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  6. I'm glad to hear that you are okay, Lola.

  7. Lola, I am so sorry to here the news. I am glad to here you and your family are o.k. Take Care! Chuck

  8. Dear Lola, I've been thinking of you since I woke up to the news, the first item of which was the earthquake in Italy. I immediately thought of you, and then checked my computer, and was SO relieved to get the message from you, which told me you're all right. At least physically. I imagined what it must feel like to be where you are and have had many people lost so close by. I'm so sorry. Please take good care and know that people far away are thinking of you and your family and friends.

    Love, Sallymandy

    thanks for posting today.

  9. Oh Lola, I came straight here when I saw the news this morning, it is 7am in California and I have read the death count at 90. Oh how terrible. I didnt know Italy had earthquakes either. I am so terrified of them,having lived through many myself. I am so glad to hear you and your baby(and family are ok).
    I love the dandelion photo, I am glad you put that up.
    My prayers will be with you and your country.
    Be Safe,

  10. I just woke up to the news and images of the earthquake. I hope all my blogging friends are ok :(

  11. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and lovely words of solidarity. The death toll is sadly increasing, and it'll be scary to sleep here alone with baby tonight.

    I dearly appreciate your warmth, grazie.

  12. this is a sweet picture, with a wonderful gesture. thank you.

  13. That kid looks so cute with the dandelions on his hands, so sweet.

  14. That is such a sweet picture. I'm sorry to hear the news and hope and pray all is well.

  15. Lola, I heard of that first thing this morning. I should have come sooner. I worried about you and your family, although I'm very sorry for any loss.

    Pretty picture.

  16. I've seen some footage of the destruction in the cities and villages involved. So sad. Stay safe. Sending prayers and blessings to you and your neighbors.

  17. The loss of life and the injuries are a terrible thing. Your little yellow flowers speak volumes.
    I also mourn the loss of the irreplaceable old buildings and other artifacts.
    I just had a guest writer on my blog writing about some wine she has shipped from Italy here to Canada. Easter dinner will be with other friends who are moving to Italy for a year. We will be thinking about your countrymen and women.
    I can think of no place on earth where I would rather be than Italy. Our trip there has been delayed a couple of times. It takes my breath away when I see a picture. I look forward to scouring your site and devouring it like a wonderful Italian meal.
    Stay safe.

  18. I'm just watching it on the news now, so sad.

    I love this photo - kids and dandelions go together so well.

  19. I'm glad you posted...you were in my thoughts when I heard the news. May you and your son sleep in the hands of the Lord tonight, and may your fears be calmed. You have my prayers and my heart.

  20. What a sweet picture. Dandelions and children, so perfect together.

  21. Yes, what a difference it makes when you KNOW someone right close! We all gasped at the news, and I think of all the families who have lost their homes, and the many who have lost loved ones. I am sending blessings to all of them.
    On the news they said these earthquakes in Italy are due to the African continent moving up north and so folding up the earth.

  22. Delwyn, Anno, Susan, Nihal, Jennifer, Jen, Sallymandy, Chuck, Lori ann, Maryann, Shari, Pacey, Judy, Erin, Distracted, LoriE, Drowsy, Michael, Shoshana, Angela THANK YOU so much for your precious support. Your words have brought tears to my eyes and huge solace. This horrible event has brought me closer to a special group of extraordinary people: you. Grazie

  23. Lola! Where did my comment go?
    I just came over to check that you were o.k and Pfft! no me!
    I am now horrified to think that you might think I do not care, when in fact I do very much. Oh dear. Thinking of you.xx♥

  24. No worries, I know you're there. Ciao hon

  25. Lola I am so sorry I hadn't listened to the news so I didn't know about this.

    My thoughts and prayers are going to be with the Itallians today.

    Beautiful sentiment with your little boy and the flowers.

    Take care sweetheart.

    Love Renee xoxo

  26. Renee, no worries. We're fine, just worn out by all the pain and devastation in the damaged areas. I haven't slept since the first shock on Sunday. I need to rest, but I'm too scared, I need to be vigil in case another quake hits. It's me and baby alone here, and although Rome seems to be absorbing the shakes quite well, I don't feel safe. Thank you for your warm comforting words and prayers. Ciao

  27. Bless you, Lola, and your little man. I have touched Buddha for you both and for the people of Abruzzo. Thank you for the flowers for the children whose lives have been so cruelly cut short.