Apr 20, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #15

Simon's Town cafe
with MetroRail train whizzing by in the background and sunflower

May 2005
(when I was still a smoker)

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  1. What a lovely shot. Hope you have a wonderful and mellow week!

  2. I'm such a nonsmoker I have to say, hurray for you not smoking any more! Sorry. I can't help it.

    And then I have to say, how lovely you are. How are you not snapped up by some ridiculously handsome and poetry wielding romantic? One day...

  3. this picture is really cute! love the yellow flower w/ the blue vase and yellow in the background.

  4. What an adorable picture - you have the greatest, friendly, conspiritorial grin on your face.

  5. Cool photo! I too was a smoker in 2005 :-)
    Happy non smoker too...

    best wishes Ribbon

  6. Wishing you a mellow week- such a lovely photo. Trying to be a non-smoker....

  7. lovely shot, all the pretty colors...love the flower in the blue vase/bottle. great job on quitting!

  8. What a lovely girl/woman you are and were. This picture speaks volume about your confidence, sense of play, sense of style. Brava for quitting.

  9. I love your photo, Lola! You look like the kind of woman who writes about cooking with love. I mean it! I'm glad you stopped smoking. xo

    Thanks for your recent wonderful comments.


  10. I just planted a lot of sunflower seeds in my garden! Come and pick one in August!

  11. you are so cute.

    and I love this photo, a perfect yellow shot.

    xo♥ lori

    get some rest dear...

  12. Great photo/portrait. You have vices (smoking) but you are drawn to beauty (the flower) and able to capture this beauty (your hand on the flower) even while the world spins around you (the train/metro.)

  13. What a great photo, Bella!

    I too, was a smoker in 2005. YUK! No more for me.

  14. (..And were still able to smoke in public places!) You look gorgeous, I hope you have this shot framed and displayed?

    I quit smoking too - once. Sigh.

  15. Hi Lola
    Finally got a chance to stop by your blog. Love this pic and the others posts I've read so far. (another ex-smoker here - though 12 years off them now)

    Hope the movie job goes well and doesn't leave you with too little time for that adorable son of yours.


  16. That is the old Lola...the new Lola would never smoke right?
    Was that a planned photo? Did you expect the train? Pretty fast shooting I would say.

  17. I'm starting to become a fan of your pictures. What about more?

  18. I knew smoke out (ha ha) controversy with this shot...

    Tess - Thank you! my week will be all but mellow, but I'll try to keep it so. Ciao

    Erin - For such a flavor-obsessed being, I noticed smoking had numbed me completely. Now I taste everything so much again! And as far as finding poetic prince charming... I'm kinda losin' hope here.

    Floreta - Aren't those colors wild together?

    Jennifer - Tee hee... (conspiratorially grinning back at you)

    Ribbon - Motherhood did it for me, I quit the day I took that long, hard look at the pharmacy-bought pregnancy test...

    Claudia - Hang in there, you can do it. I mean, if I did it...

    Brian - Thank you, it was a fun moment, now frozen in time.

    Drowsy - Thank you!

    Rosaria - I'm an open book! Thank you so much, cara amica mia. you make me feel special.

    Sallymandy - I do! Love is my secret ingredient.

    Angela - Oh, I just might do that! Danke...

    Lori ann - Thank you, my sweet friend.

    CMichael - How are you always able to see right through something and say so much in so few words?

    Natalie - I dislike the smell of cigarette smoke now too. Good for us!!

    Shrinky - The cafe was actually roofless, so it qualified as outdoors, and in South Africa (as in Italy too, smoking outdoors in a public place was OK then. I don't know now...

    Siobhàn - My keyboard doesn't have the correctly accented A for your lovely name. Glad you could stay and read a while. Come back whenever you want!

    LoriE - Photo totally unplanned, very long train.

    Giorgio - Oh, I have quite a few recent film set captures I NEED to share with you guys...

  19. You look to be a very lovable character- just the way you come across in your blog...

  20. This feels like a modern painting by Vermeer: the yellow flower, the blue vase, the yellow train, your beautiful smile. Wonderful picture!

  21. Does 'guys' in your personal jargon have a gender? Just curiosity :)

  22. Oh beautiful Lola! That looks like a still from a Woody Allen movie.

  23. Delwyn - That's me, open book gal.

    Anno - Thnak you so much!

    Giorgio - Gender neutral. How about "for y'all," too Sarah Palin? Ciao

    Tessa - Woody Allen, one of my all-time heroes. Big hug to you

  24. Lola, you are very beautiful - and I am so pleased you gave up smoking - So good of you, dahlink - Such a pretty photo!

  25. nice touch of yellow in your photo

  26. Fhina - Merci, ma petite amuse bouche!
    Explorer - Thank you for stopping by. Ciao

  27. Lovely picture - so beautiful...I am a proud non smoker having quit after 15 years of addiction. However, I still miss the ritual. When the 1st days of spring come around, all I want to do is sit out doors with a cool beverage and smoke a cigarette.