Apr 23, 2009

SkyWatch Friday, my first

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Spring 2005

I couldn't have entered my first SkyWatch Friday post on other than an African welkin. The sky in Africa is alive, it is overwhelming. It is beyond words.
This was the road I traveled to and from work, every day for 8 weeks, during a film shoot in South Africa. Every day, as we drove off into the sunset, we were rewarded with the ever-changing spectacle performed by sun, clouds, atmosphere and heat. This is what we'd be blessed with, as we crossed the tracks and left the Zulu Nyala Reserve behind and ventured back to our dwellings. This photo was taken on a Friday. I remember that day well.

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buona notte


  1. LOla, your life seems blessed with adventure, caring people and the sweetest kisses and hugs of a beautiful boy. We love hearing about the exciting life you have and have had; and will travel with you on virtual tours any day.

    Tanti abbracci a te, e al piccolo.
    Anchio ti voglio bene.

  2. Sweet. Welcom to SkyWatch Friday!

  3. Beautiful.
    Welcome to skywatch friday you will have fun skywatching.
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

  4. I'm also posting my first skywatch photo today :) Good shot, and what an excellent way to finish work.

  5. Lola, the picture truly is worth a thousand words.
    Funny how skywatch should come up. My son took me out for lunch and on the way home he commented on how the clouds in the sky looked like they had just exploded. Big puffy white clouds. I didn't have my camera with me and didn't think about it again until I read this.
    The same sky is so different all over the world. Did that make sense?

  6. Beautiful. I love hearing about your travels. So, do we get to hear about why that particular day was so memorable (other than the stunning sky?)

  7. A big welcome and what a stunner to start with

  8. welcome.
    a very lovely capture...
    have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Lola
    that is a special sky...
    Can you tell us what your job actually entails when you are filming?
    happy days

  10. You are always surprising me, cara. A world traveler, excellent cook, wonderful writer, loving mother... so many talents.

    I second Delwyn...tells us what you've been doing on the filming.

  11. wow. amazing shot. and what a treat to go to Africa. would love to go sometime. had friends that went this year.

  12. The tracks leading off to the horizon just make this shot even more stunning!

  13. How cool that you can place where you were back in 2005 when you took this lovely shot of the African sky! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more of your skies...Hi from California...

  14. Very Beautiful, a nice road to work!!

  15. How amazing! How incredible, to be able to look back on these memories years later, and see the vibrancy still exploding!

  16. Weird! I left a comment before, and it was gone. The heart was a test.Hmm....

    Well, before I said that the sky was stunning - very romantic.

    Love to you.♥

  17. Beautiful!

    Thanks for the SkyWatch link.

  18. Lola, I made the Pesto lasagne for C's 9th birthday, for dinner. He absolutely LOVED it! So much that he took it for lunch to school the next day too and still loved it. :)

    So thank you for posting the recipe and now I look forward to trying out more of them.


  19. Stunning !
    The Australian skies remind me of this. The first thing I notice when I arrive is the expanse of sky visible...

  20. Okay, now you've gone and done it, Lola! I'm whimpering like a baby as I look out of the window at that grey white lid of nothingness.

    Slaps cheek and pulls self together...beautiful, vast, heavenly, painterly Africa sky. On our big overland adventure from Cape Town to Uganda, my sister and I stayed at Nyala for a couple of days. (That precipitous road down into the reserve tested the Land Rover's brakes to the max!) What a magical time we had there...it's like been hidden in a secret world, don't you think?

    Would love to know which film you worked on there....?

    PS. No mail yet?

  21. Lola, it's absolutely spectacular. Beautiful post:) You lead such an interesting life!

  22. Beautiful sky... I'm glad to see you still have time for short posts. Everything you write is wonderful!

  23. Awesome photo, and the sky does seem to be alive. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Rosaria - You and I would be such great travel buddies. Destination, anywhere.
    Photo Cache - I find it reassuring.
    EcoRover & Mary Elizabeth - Thank you, I love skywatching...
    Dagrun - Thank you so much! It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it...
    LoriE - It makes perfect sense! How poetic. We ARE under the same sky.
    Erin WIAW - Have you ever thought of writing something for cinema?
    Jennifer - That sunset was the prelude to a romance.
    Babooshka & Erin - Thank you for the warm welcome, I loved the links!
    Delwyn & Patrizia - I work as part of the film crew as a script supervisor. Kinda like the director's right hand. I may post about it, since it's a job that entails quite a number of duties and responsibilities. Too many for this small space. Ciao!
    Brian - You should, definitely. If your boys are old enough, you should bring them along. Africa is a life-changing experience.
    Greensboro DP - What an eye you have. To me that's the best part of the shot... Thank you!
    Linnea - I will definitely become a SkyWatch regular. That was a crucial moment of my life, hence the good memory.
    Chuck - Hey chef, thanks.
    LaDue - Grazie! It feels like yesterday...
    Vicky - Thank you for stopping by.
    Natalie - Very romantic, I fell in love under that sky. What's with the ghost posts, here? wtf
    Immersion - Glad you enjoyed.
    Sujatha - I'm so happy it was a success! This is the reason I blog/write!!! Will post recipes again soon, I promise.
    Scintilla - the vastness of Southern hemisphere skies is mystifying.
    Tessa - I busted the breaks on the buckie because I was also chasing a giraffe photo op. The film was called Ghost Son, nothing special. No mail yet... but the Italian post is a.w.f.u.l.:)
    Ms Lucy - Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.
    Saretta - You're too kind. Grazie!
    Ivon - Thank you for visiting!

  25. It looks close enough to touch.

  26. Chad - I'd climb on a 6ft ladder and kiss the clouds.