Apr 7, 2009

Women, a Work of Art

It's called “500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art.” This inspirational video submitted by Philip Scott Johnson on April 22, 2007 was nominated as Most Creative Video at the 2nd Annual YouTube Awards. I stumbled upon it last year on facebook and finally found it again thanks to a fellow blogger, Rob. I am posting it here for you to enjoy on this sorrowful day here in Italy, hoping to bring some sunshine. As the light invades your rooms, allow the music and subtle use of computer aesthetics to transport you to emotional places only Art is capable of generating. Enjoy the breathtaking images, expressions and glances these masterpiece ladies dispense. Let this be a reminder of how beautiful, inspiring and truly unique women are.

The perfect sound track is J.S. Bach’s Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1, BWV 1007 In G Major, performed by Yo-Yo Ma.
You can find the complete list of artists and paintings featured in the video here.


  1. Hello Lola, what a sad day,

    We are so lucky

    This video is absolutely beautiful - I hadn't seen it before. I have made myself a women in art folder so the faces were very familiar. Amazing computer work though.
    Happy days ahead...

  2. This is an amazing video, beautiful and poignant, it seems an appropriate post somehow, at such a devastating and sad time.
    Hope all is well for you in Roma.

  3. Wonderful video, Lola. I am sorry that I didn't get through yesterday.
    Lots of love, Natalie.x

  4. Delwyn & Nicky: We're doing OK here in Roma, although a few shakes did have me staring at the swaying chandelier overhead all night long. In abruzzo the situation is disastrous. Thank you very much for your warm words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Ciao

  5. Natalie - you slipped in while I was replying to Nicky and Delwyn. You've got quite a handful there, don't apologize, dear. Thank you darling

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  7. Beautiful faces what more could we ask for!! That was mind boggling!
    I hope you will get some good sleep this evening :)

  8. I thought of you all day as I periodically checked the news. So sad about Abruzzo. I'm so very sorry, and glad you are safe.
    Thanks for continuing to post. Can't wait to see the video.


  9. Chuck & Sallymandy - Thanks for worrying about us. The situation is not getting any better (207 dead) and the earth continues to shake. I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight, because I sat awake all night yesterday again, keeping a close watch on the chandelier, listening for creaks and earth groans.
    I feed on your kind words for solace, thank you. Ciao

  10. Dear Lola, I am so overwhelmed with sadness, the video you shared with us was gorgeous and bittersweet all at once. I can't stop worrying for the people, so devastating. Yes, good idea, take your sleeping pill and get some much needed rest.
    love, lori

  11. That was awesome! And I loved trying to identify all of the works.

  12. It is a very hard time for Italy, I will contribute what I can to help. You need some rest and don't let your mind wonder. My wife says have Tea, maybe Yoga, or some form of meditation. Tomorrow will be better!
    Take Care

  13. Lola, Thank you for posting this absolutely stunning video with the yo yo ma accompaniment. The aftershocks sound very disconcerting. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people of Italy.

  14. Ohhh, thanks for the video. That was mesmerizing.

    Yes! Yo Yo Ma.

    Sleep well.

  15. Oh, Lola, so much loss and tragedy and then such beauty. I only wish things could be so balanced.

    That video was amazing. I only wish the faces paused more so that I could spend more time with each. Such depth. Blows my mind, each one of them!

  16. First let me say mille grazie for your kind words on my site. If you would like one of those salmon boxes send me your address through my sites email link. You can send me something from Italy in return.
    While watching those beautiful faces going by it made me think of a family tree with the all the faces of the women passing by through time. Very touching.

  17. Lori - Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Michael - there's a link with all the artists, did you see?

    Chuck - I tried everything!

    Margo - thank you so much for your concern, I greatly appreciate it.

    Pat - Grazie, my friend.

    Erin - It is a bittersweet reality, parade of flitting faces... Thank you

    LoriE - that's sweet, thank you. I just might take you up on that exchange of goods!

  18. What a lovely idea, Lola. I'm bookmarking this for later, when I have a bit more time.

  19. Oh, thank you Lola! I saw this video a little while back and it still leaves me breathless in it's sheer gloriousness. (Strange, I was listening to Yo Yo Ma yesterday evening while cooking dinner.)

    Again I send you my warmest wishes for soothing peace after the trauma of the earthquake. xxoo