May 18, 2009

Be creative

Darling Nicky of Absolute Vanilla... (and Atyllah) to whom I scream out one loud and cheerful Happy Birthday!, presented me with this lovely Kreativ Blogger Award before setting off on vacation.

The rules say I have to list seven things that I love… Only seven? That seems totally crazy! Off the top of my head:
  1. Mr. E
  2. Writing (and blogging)
  3. Waves crashing
  4. Smell of baked bread
  5. African skies
  6. Sinking my hand in a bag of grains
  7. Chocolate
I'm passing this onto Scintilla of Bell'Avventura. She is a creative, romantic soul and she lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Go pay her a visit and see...


  1. Mamma mia! Thank you. I don't think that I deserve it though, I'm just lucky that I have a nice place to blog from !

  2. Yay Lola, and, my goodness, if anyone is creative it is you, oh food angel!

    You know, I hadn't thought about how nice it is to sink one's hand into a bag of grains...lift, then tip it and watch the river of loveliness fall back in. See, you manage to catch all those simple, yet wonderful moments! Even ugly biscotti become beautiful in your creative hands!

  3. very cool list. glad your boy topped it. : ) #6 is interesting...simple moments of pleasure. happy monday!

  4. I like that, Sinking my hand in a bag of grains. I like that very much.


  5. I agree totally with four of those loves, although I'd swop the top one for my own beloved boys strangely!!

  6. Congrats Lola! You certainly deserve this. I agree with Tessa--you have a way of making the ordinary sensory details of life come alive.