May 1, 2009

The beginning

Today is May 1st, in Italy it's a holiday. It is the Italian Labor Day, one of solidarity, of hope and one of celebration. Schools are closed, newspapers don’t go into press, all business shuts down and people migrate to nearby rural locations laden with copious amounts of packed picnic food. Bucolic folly and loud outdoor snoring are a must.

Four years ago today, I was in Africa. I was not a mother yet, but a little seed had been planted and the plan of E., my son was unfolding.

I took this picture on that fortunate, happy day. After a morning spent laughing in the sun, chasing penguins on the beach and driving down the Chapman's Peak Drive. After all that, I witnessed this spectacular sunset before joining friends at the Spier winery, for a dinner on the tree tops.

Cape Agulhas
May 1, 2005
A very special day.

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  1. Beautiful shot of the sky! And a sweet story of motherhood! Ti mando un'abbraccio da mamma a mamma! :-)

  2. Spectacular sky capture, Lola! What a wonderful place, what an immensely special day and what tender forever memories.

  3. You've just reminded me to put a visit to Cape Town on my list for this year, Lola

  4. Lovely picture and memory Lola

  5. Thank you ladies! I'm back for the weekend. Will catch up with you all chez vous shortly. Ciao!

  6. Good to see you back. Lovely pictures.

  7. Have a very relaxed weekend with your family. All work and no play and bad food makes Lola a crabby girl.

  8. This gave me chills Lola, where little E was conceived. You know i think that place is one of the most spectacular in the world. I was there 5 years more babies for me though(sadly)!!
    have a restful weekend.
    ♥ lori

  9. Isn't it amazing to think that that person who you love and who loves you was yet to be made whole, four years ago. Seems like they always were, doesn't it?


  10. Lori - We have so much in common... When do you leave for Africa?
    Erin - That very thought overwhelmes me every time it crosses my mind. Africa is like a mother to me. Ciao wonderful women

  11. ooops I signed in with my other account, it's me, Lola! Ciao