May 5, 2009

Warm welcome

While I was away, toiling on a busy film set, I returned to find I had been bestowed two significant blog awards this week. The first was the Friendly Blogger Award, kindly handed to me by my lovely friend Pat of Prattle…from the Flatlands in a draw with the delightful Ms Lucy of Enchanted by Josephine.

I was supposed to pick one friendly representative to pass this award on to, but I have decided to hand this award over to ALL my blogland friends because it is through all of you that I have discovered a new definition of amity.

In the days immediately following the horrible Abruzzo earthquake, I was sustained, comforted and supported by a myriad comments of solidarity and displays of affection.
My posts are constantly welcomed and praised with words I am not worthy of. Some of you know I have written the first draft of an Italian cookbook/lifestyle manual, and your enthusiasm in that direction has met no equal.
On my birthday, I was inundated by a overflowing sea of love, benevolent wishes, affection, gifts and gestures of deep friendship.
Ever since I started blogging, my ego and my writing have boosted and benefited greatly from your affectionate interaction and sweet kudos. Some of my recipes have been tried, reaping success and second helpings. Some of you have sent me heartfelt personal emails that have made my soul sing. Many of you are no longer readers or “followers” – a term which I am a bit intimidated by – you have become family. I have never felt this inserted, this accepted and cared for. I have started blogging relatively recently, but the return is so surprisingly grand, that my heart often skips a fluttering beat.

I have braided sturdy weblog conversations with folks from places all over the globe. I have new blogger friends in many places. My posts and comments meet response in their travels to Germany, California, South Africa, Botswana, Great Britain, Ireland, Brittany in France, Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, Arizona, and back to Rome’s pulsating downtown, and off again to Australia, Massachusetts, Washington, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, all over the Canadian continent, and back down the Italian peninsula’s northern mountains and flatlands, and down to its sunlit nether beaches. The mutual exchange of worldwide solace and humor, caring and information is nurturing and hugely galvanic to me.

So if you’re reading this, visit my blogroll and pick up the Friendly Blogger Award badge in my sidebar and display it proudly. You are all my friends. I miei amici.


The other trophy I was kindly given was the One Lovely Blog Award, by the talented Jane of Gaston Studio.
It should be passed on to 15 (whoa!) good looking new blogs. This is a very difficult choice to make. Premise: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I care more for contents than appearance. Plus, I am among the newest blogs on the block, so I can’t pick basing my choice on that criterion. In selecting attractively packaged blogs packed with a lot of substance inside their pretty looks, I have singled out these. Do pay them a visit and see for yourself:

Verona Daily Photo
Circling my Head
Lizzy Frizzfrock
The Blue Kimono
Family Trees May Contain Nuts
Love for Art
A Woman of No Importance
A Tidings of Magpies
At the Table in My Sunroom
LaDew & Crew
Breeze Daze
Fire Byrd
Amid the Olive Trees

Grazie, amici!


  1. First, congratulations on the Friendly Blogger Award!

    Second, I'm afraid I've misled you about the One Lovely Blog Award I passed on to you as it's definitely about content! It's also known as the Bella award, from the Twilight thingie. Don't ask!

    Anyway, I think I may have left out the part about content and I do humbly apologize if that is the case. But I'm sure those you've selected have great content as well as great looking blogs!


  2. Good job, Lola. Congratulations.

  3. Ah! Lovely. Congratulations to you, Lola.xx♥

  4. Lola thank you and congratulations.

    I love your comment on my blog today. A very nice tidy circle indeed.

    Are you home now, is the job finished?

    I will be buying the cookbook, and for me it is the pictures and the stories more than the food, because I can't cook worth shit.

    But I love how you write and your pictures are always incredible. Plus I do love the food, so maybe I will just scan the pictures and eat the paper.

    Mind you that won't keep me weighing 217 pounds.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. You draw goodness to yourself, did you know that? It's on you. You deserve all that support and love.

  6. Lola, congratulations & thank you. Such a lovely award.

  7. Such lovely awards, and so well-deserved. Congratulations!

  8. Jane - Don't apologize! I have to confess, I don't know who Bella is, because I may be the only person in this world who has not read the Twilight books or seen the movie. Will you still speak to me? :)

    Rosaria & Natalie - Thank YOU, ladies. I've missed you so...

    Renee - Your sense of humor is oxygen for me. Speaking of which, considering the state of affairs with my book, there is not even paper to be eaten, as it is still not published. I love you, did I ever tell you?

    Erin - I've noticed that too, lately. The tide is turning somehow...

    Lizzy - Glad you like it, cheers!

  9. Thank you! You are so kind!


  10. My reading favorites does NOT include anything like Twilight so I'll very definitely be speaking to you!!!

  11. Congratulations...and I haven't read Twilight, either.

  12. Hi Lola,
    the picture of you and your son is so charming and infectious...

    You deserve all the praise and kudos you receive as you have created a very warm friendly and interesting space for us to feel comfortable and intrigued about life in Italy.
    Happy days

  13. Oh, dear! What a sweet and heartfelt message that says better than I can what I also feel about my blogland friends. You are so appreciated and supported, dear Lola. I'm thrilled about your cookbook and I can't wait to see what you mean by "lifestyle guide."

    This phenomenon we experience through our blogs is exciting and rewarding for me. I feel we're on the cusp of something wonderful and new. I had no idea what it would be like, and I'm rewarded every day by my friends. The day of the earthquake, my first thought was you when I heard about it on my clock radio.

    Thank you for the award, dear. I'm honored and flattered.

    (I missed you too!)

  14. Ciao Lola,
    I read this post thoroughly and I thought, oh my, if I could write like this! You have put in neat words exactly how I feel about blogging. I call it "my parallel world", an entire bunch of new friends that has been growing and growing. As you say, some of them are really part of my family and this is amazing.
    I am so deeply honoured to be part of your "blogland" and have you among my "-followers!" let alone being awarded by you!
    THANK YOU, Lola!

    PS. Sono nata e cresciuta all'Argentario. Forse ti ho
    incontrata li? Chissà....

  15. PPS. Puoi scrivermi il tuo indirizzo e-mail così ti mando invito per il mio blog privato!
    il mio indirizzo è

  16. Thank you bella. These awards are so hard to pass on because it means limiting yourself to only a few. Your blog totally deserves them!

  17. Congrats on your awards! Well deserved! Blogging is wonderful as it opens the door and heart to the kindness of strangers not known before :) xox

  18. Congratulations! This is so true blogging has opened many new roads to travel!! Grazie :)

  19. Oh, gosh, I hardly think Amid the Olive Trees is deserving of an award, but I thank you for thinking of it! Maybe you will inspire me to update it more often! ;-)

  20. Breeze - Thank YOU!
    Jane - Ogh, goody then.
    Chad - Thanks. Teens love it, my friend's daughter has bought an entire box set of 12 novels. Prolific writing!
    Delwyn - That is very kind of you, thanks. Warm, welcoming, friendly and comfortable is what I want all my guests to feel in my space.
    Sallymandy - We ARE on the verge of something new and exciting, I agree. In my book, like in my blog, recipes are the excuse, the core is the conversation, the story behind it. Tha's the Italian lifestyle philosophy: "eat, enjoy the company and the passage of time." It feels so good.
    Valeria - You have m@il... :)
    Scintilla - Awards are a good way to meet new bloggers. Ciao!
    Maryann - Exactly! You nailed it. Missed you...
    Chuck - Hey, grazie to you too, chef!
    Desiree - thank you for stopping by, sit and join the conversation. Can I get you some cheese?
    Saretta - Mission accomplished!

  21. Wow. First, I haven't been online for a few days and I return to your wonderful words and kindness. Thank you, and congratulations to you.