Jun 26, 2009

Smiles and Hearts

My dear bloggy friend Eddie of Clouds and Silvery Linings presented me with ANOTHER award last week. He not only saw me fit for the previously bestowed Premios Dardo Literary Award, he also ranked me 5th in his Bloggers Grand National race, but furthermore decided to give me the You Make Me Smile Award. I am honored and hugely flattered to be such a lucky recipient.

You see, Edoardo is a very funny guy. The dry British humor kinda funny. (I'm purposely trying to provoke him with overly American slang, that makes his noble English roots cringe.)
He's been one known to drop raunchy comments, and hide debauched inside jokes in his posts for the sole giggle of his most aficionado readers, but he is a witty read, a big softy when it comes to touching topics, and always enthused about blogging, his friends and loyal to his word.
I am supposed to pass this on to 5 blogs that make me smile. It's folly to try cutting it down to only five, but here goes:

Circling my Head - sometimes the smiles are bittersweet, but my beloved Renee always makes me beam.

Suldog - Jim is one of the funniest, most versatile and honest bloggers I've had the fortune of reading.

Letters from Usedom - Angela's infectuous humor, spirit and breezy blogging makes me smile big smiles.

Prattle... from the Flatlands - Pat often comes up with the funniest things, the weirdest images, the silliest links. I don't know where she gets the stuff, it's always lots of fun over at her place.

An Aerial Armadillo - polyhedric artist, poet, traveler, writer, cook and astonishingly generous soul, Tessa also has the ability to make me laugh out loud with her comedy posts.

Do go pay these blogs a visit, dig through their archives and try not to smile as you read: it will be impossible.


Brian - who is the author of a fine blog called WaystationOne - awarded me with the I ♥ This Blog Award. He is a superb father, an inspired writer and a very generous and loyal blogger. He posts great stuff every day, never misses to leave a comment on other bloggers' posts, and replies to each of the comments he receives. I don't know how he does it while busy with his family and working a full time job. Brian is as compassionate as he is creative.

I am to pass the award on and "continue our passion in writing because our hard work will always be appreciated."
I love many blogs I read regularly. The n.1 follower to get me "hooked" in the first place was the author of a thought provoking and stimulating blog called Sixtyfivewhatnow. Rosaria defines passion for writing. She is a wonderful educator, a philosopher, a mother and a deeply attentive observer of human nature. I love her blog. If you take the time to read around in her site, you'll see why.

Ciao, everyone!


  1. well deserved. hope you and E have a great weekend and thanks for the complimentary remarks!

  2. My goodness, this must be my lucky day for sure, getting this beautiful award from a charming and generous person. Grazie mille, Lola.

  3. Many congratulations on your award again Lola - you do indeed make me smile - you are a breath of fresh air to brighten anyone's day. Raunchy comments ehh!
    Goodnight my little pet ~ Eddie LOL

    Oh! I look forward to visiting your prize recommendations and I congratulate them on their awards.

    I just love your blog and your posts ~ Eddie

  4. Congratulations! Yes, well deserved. I shall have to venture out and visit your friends...of course I am well acquainted with my Beloved Renee. I do think it was she who led me to you! Happy weekend! Deborah

  5. yay! champagne time!

    Congratulations on your awards Lola, you and your wonderful blog deserve them all.

    Congrats to all the awardees (is that a word?)Lovely words for everyone, I'm off to go visit your friends!

  6. LalaLola....if you make Eddie cringe with English slang, then I will feel free to mix my languages.

    Tres grazie for the award. You are mucho buon....my un petite amica.

  7. congrats on your awardsLola - your blog is beautiful and I am smiling. Your comments on mine and others are always radiating smiles too xx off i go to visit your list :-)

  8. Awards are fun! They are like pretty happy buttons. You press them and you smile! Congratulations

  9. Lola, thank you. I love it and have just visited Eddie. What a wonderful man.

    Thank you also for your lovely descriptions of Tessa and Rosaria I couldn't agree more.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxoxo

  10. You are loved
    and love.
    It is a good cycle.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Your blog is both loved and makes me smile, so I think those who gave you awards were right on the mark. If you have a way to get in touch with Brian, would you please let him know that with the commenting embedding he has on blogger, there are many of us who can't comment on his blog. I read it every day, but I feel like a dog - watching but silent. He doesn't have an e-mail in his profile, so I can't contact him about this. If he switches to pop-up comments or full page comments, this will be remedied - there may be other of his readers in the same boat. I look forward to reading your recipients, as well!

  12. Hi Lola
    Thought I'd just mention that your link to Suldog takes us somewhere else.
    I've met all your nice people you awarded. Hope you and little E had a great weekend. Hope to see you soon - I'll keep the tea brewing. From your very nice English gentleman ~ Eddie x

  13. congratulations, Lola! I love visiting the blogs you suggest :)

  14. "LoLA!" She sings in her quavering falsetto "Grazie, oh grazie mille di cuore!" Seriously, Lola, I'm stunned, amazed and utterly delighted. How very wonderful -- you have made my day completely.

    I will wear this on my blog with great pride and joy.

    Big bear hug to you, sweetest Lola. xxoo