Jul 1, 2009

7 et al.

Lovely Janet of Under the Blood Red Sky has kindly prized me with the Premio Meme Award.

In order to accept it, I must tell you seven things about myself. I have played along in quite a number of memes here - here - here and here.
So if you're not sick of me yet, here are 7 more things about me you might not know:

Uno. I am the second of 4 only children. Let me rephrase that.
My siblings and I solely share one parent, so in effect we are 4 only children. Also, my youngest half sister G in Italy and my younger half brother D in California are not related but they have a half sister in common: me. Confused?

Due. I'm afraid of flying. Yep. And I am among those who applaud when the wheels touch down on the runway. Big howling ovations and loud whistles of joy.

Tre. I sometimes quite like the feeling of a good beer buzz, early in the morning. And no, I'm not an alcoholic.

Quattro. I am nearsighted. And I lost a full diopter in each eye after giving birth to my son. Old wives tale in Italy says you lose a tooth for every son. Guess I got lucky. So I wear glasses and sometimes disposable contacts. That's when I don't have pinkeye.

Cinque. My eyes are green. My son's father too has very pale green eyes, but my son's are a gorgeous chestnut brown. Strong grandparent genes.

Sei. I'm learning to pack light. Big achievement. This trait does not otherwise run in my family.

Sette. Tomorrow morning I leave for the U.S. with my little boy. I will be visiting my father, old friends, recently made friends, blog friends, and making new ones along the journey. I will be afraid to fly, and I will pretend I'm not, so not to scare my small child who will - on the other hand - be riding on an airplane for the very first time. I will be landing in JFK and saluting the rest of the blood that runs in my veins as I cross the threshold.
I will be embracing my American family after a very long time. I will be smelling that unique aroma of America in the tree-lined streets and wood-built homes. I will be eating In-And-Out burgers. I will be walking on both the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean beaches. I will be locking eyes with sea otters and hearing sea lions roar. I will be cooking in a kitchen on the other side of the globe, using unusual ingredients we don't get here in Europe like for example jicama, yams, butternut squash and poblano chiles. I will be taking my son to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to watch, among others, the sharks swim large, slow circles. My heart sings at the thought of showing him so many beautiful places. I will teach him more words in English. I will be learning new things with him. I will be contented just sitting in the back porch soaking up sun (and/or fog). I will be driving up the West Coast from L.A. and stopping at Nepenthe in Big Sur, one of my favorite places in the world. I will suffer odd sleeping patterns: awake at 4 am, so hungry that I could eat a horse; and narcoleptic at 10am. I will laugh 'til it hurts at my brother's humor and my father's jokes. I will watch the latest episodes of my favorite shows and then later extort considerable amounts of money from my Italian buddies in exchange for storyline updates. I will spend time with my agent, conjuring up editorial plans for my book. I will be talking for hours about a million things with T, my stepmom. I will be going to the movies and eating a bucket of popcorn. I will be listening to the waves. I will be saying thank you. I will be smiling.

I will also be saying good-bye to my blog friends for a short while. I will be taking a break from regular blogging this month. I don't know if I'll be able to post from overseas. I'll try, but I don't want to make a commitment I cannot meet. I will think of each of you, perhaps read your blogs secretly. And I will check my inbox in case you have left me a note. I will miss you. And I will take many pictures and write in my journal every day. I wish you all a relaxed and fun-filled July. Thank you all for your visits, your lovely comments, and your warm friendship in these last 6 months. I hope that all my readers will feel welcome to browse through my post archive. Just pull up a chair by the stove, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of espresso and read along.

Uh oh, that's a little more than seven facts...



  1. Have a wonderful, safe, wonderful-wonderful trip with your sweet little man! Your post made me laugh and cry at the same time. (I love it when that happens!) It's always fun to learn more about you, even your beer-drinking habits. I will miss you until you return, dear Lola.

    Hugs and smoochies,

  2. Have a great trip, and enjoy your family ties, and new friends. I hope E adjusts quickly to American sounds and food and smells. As for me, I'm sorry I could not arrange a visit with you and E.

  3. ...i am jealous and i LIVE here!!!

    safe travels darling L & E

  4. Have a wonderful visit, Lola, and go give your dad a big hug and a cuddle!!
    I will miss you dreadfully - I think very highly of you and pray God will look after you and little E.
    May He protect you both, always.
    I value your friendship and you are a fantastic sport to put it with some of my bantering, meant to make you and me laugh of course.
    If you see Jim at Suldog tell him to watch out! I am coming for him! Its WW3.
    Take care and do not be afraid of flying for I will be the 'wind beneath your wings' in spirit.
    Blogsville will be the poorer without you. With a big hug from your special Brit pal ~ Eddie xx (one for you and one for E)

  5. Bon voyage! I share your fear of flying. But I always go anyway. So, I wonder, what is the use of the fear? It's always worth the trip and the white knuckles.

  6. Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your return and more blog posts!

  7. How lucky to get to go for a month. I could have babysat your home in Italy for you while you were gone you know. For free...even.
    I know I am generous that way.
    Have a great visit.

  8. I LoVe this photo of you with your son...every mother has a smile that she smiles only with her son. Happy and blessed traveling. Deborah

  9. I've just returned, and now you begin your journey. Travel is good for the soul. I hope you have a lovely July on your trip. I look forward now to catching up on your your posts from when I was away.

  10. L, now I understand why you said you were anxious about your trip to CA. That flying thing is difficult; I hope that focusing on E. will help keep your mind off it.

    We'll miss you and look forward to hearing about your travels. It sounds refreshing and stimulating and heartwarming.


  11. Ciao Lola! Have a safe and wonderful trip! We will all miss you and welcome you back when you return. Enjoy every moment! Baci, Laura

  12. Safari njema, darling Lola and sweetest E. Man! I'm going to miss you big time, girl, but I wish you the happiest of happy times. Come back with a suitcase filled with memories of love, laughter and life, won't you? Hamba khale - go safely, go gently and, above all, enjoy every precious moment.

  13. I understand the flying thing *shudder*.
    Wishing you and little E. a marvelous and safe, fun and love filled holiday(vacation). Love, Natsy.xx♥

  14. hey there! Hope you have a great time on your trip to our fair shores! Sounds like you have a lot of good things to keep you busy. Look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Travel light, travel safe, have fuN!

  15. Arrivederci, Lola, and have a wonderful trip, you and your maschietto!
    And don't worry about flying. Going on a motorbike on the streets of Rome is much much more dangerous.


  16. Have a wonderful trip! And, if you DO see me (as Eddie opines) it means you've landed at the wrong airport :-)

  17. An In-and-Out Burger is well worth the flight :-)
    Safe travels, enjoy and we'll wait til you get back!

  18. Have a lovely, lovely trip. Both oceans? That sounds perfect. I, too, love Big Sur and the Monterey Aquarium.

    Enjoy your July!

  19. Have a good trip. If you're in the Charleston area, look me up!

  20. Lola,
    You know you and your son will always have a wonderful meal waiting in Arizona. If you are going to the Grand Canyon or anywhere near central Arizona, please let me know, we would love to meet you and show you a great time.
    Enjoy yourself to the max!

  21. Ciao Lola,
    spero che il viaggio sia stato tranquillo e che il vostro arrivo al JFK sia stato emozionante.
    Il tuo programma di viaggio è bellissimo, vorrei poter esserci anche io!
    State bene, carissimi, il tuo bimbo porterà sempre con se i bellissimi ricordi di questo viaggio.

  22. farewell friend... wishing you a safe and happy holiday.

    x Ribbon

  23. I will be in the USA this summer, too! But in August. Have a great trip and relax and enjoy yourselves!

  24. Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  25. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip back to the US - plane fears notwithstanding! Be blessed and come home filled with happy memories!
    We'll miss you. xx

  26. Have a wonderful time!

    God, I love that picture of you and your son. There's no curbing that joy!

    Be well, have fun, hug lots and tell later.

  27. Hello again, dear Lola!

    I just wanted you to know I've given you a very special award today "The Bella Sinclair Award" - please be sure to pick it up when you return. It acknowledges what a special person you are to me.

    Safe travels!

    (I just adore the photo of you and your dear little son! Pure joy!)

  28. Love the photo of you both - you look so happy with little E, Lola ~ Eddie

  29. Oh Lola, I don't know why but your post made me cry - in a good way. You use language so well and your last paragraph just touched me.

    I also love the Big Sur and Monterey area - I've had a couple of holidays along PCH sopping in al the little West Coast beach towns an I adore it. I am so envious.

    (you can buy butternut squash in our little town in Brittany, I wonder why you can't get hold of it)

    Come back to us


  30. I wonder why I had so many typos - emotion I guess - or a sticky keyboard :)

  31. Joy and love and happy encounters, dearest Lola, secretly I am flying with you to my second home country which I have not seen for 45 years and still love. Yes, that smell and the friendly people everywhere, enjoy every second! And then return safely and tell us!!!

  32. looking fwd to your return, sweeetie!


  33. buon viaggio.

    That is a bellissima photo!

  34. Hi sweet friend. How have you been? Not sure you're an award free blog or not. but i have you on my thoughts on my blog ;)

    you can do this when you get back ;)

    hugs, lola

  35. Have a wonderful trip! If your plan lands in Arizona by mistake, look me up.