Aug 9, 2009

I had lunch on the river

I didn't feel like cooking today. Must be the humidity and the lack of sleep it causes. I didn't even have much of an appetite (now, THAT'S strange). But after sitting down with a nice glass of cold Roman tap water, I began perusing my blog roll. I came upon many friends and their posts made me smile, weep and think. I left comments and read my way to Delwyn's place. It's an overcast day over in her neck of the woods at Noosa, Queensland. She invited me in and I followed her. She promised a lazy Sunday spent watching the boats drift by on the river.

A Hazy Moon is Delwyn's blog, an elegant journal dotted with Orientalist prints and haikus. Everything here is permeated with Delwyn's softspoken, relaxed tone. And the air smells of lemons and river water. She often takes her readers on nature walks, and opens the door to her world, where we are welcomed to enjoy the beauty therein.

I let Delwyn cook today. I sat and enjoyed her lovely photos, and the grace with which she posts this divine and inspiring Sweet Potato Soup. This is today's recipe. I could never top this.

Thank you, Delwyn.


  1. Looks yummy, thanks for the tip on a nice blog! I'll have to make it while in the US, we never get sweet potatoes in my part of Italy.

  2. It is always nice to get a recommendation on another blog. When you enjoy one person's writing you can trust their opinions on others.

  3. If you had taken out a couple syllables here:
    "A Hazy Moon is Delwyn's blog, an elegant journal dotted with Orientalist prints and haikus."
    it would have been a haiku. How about:
    A Hazy Moon is Delwyn's blog, an elegant journal with haikus. There, I fixed it for you. &;-))

  4. Looks delish! And many thanks for the recommendation as well!

    Hope you're having a great Sunday too,

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  5. She has a very beautiful blog and it does seem rather peaceful.

  6. Lola

    what a surprise compliment...

    Thank you so much my dear for these lovely words, you make it sound so inviting...

    It is nice to repay you for all of your exotic Italian recipes with this humble little sweet potato soup...

    Happy days

  7. will have to pop over and check it out...thanks for the smiles at your warm comment today. see you through out the week. smiles.

  8. Soup sounds yummy and Delwyn's blog sounds like a real treat, off to take a peek right away! xxx

  9. MMmm mmm, sounds too good... will have to go take a look !

  10. I love sweet potatoes (even though they are very expensive in France) and will probably give this recipe a go.

  11. Dear heart, you are so beautiful.

    I just showed Wahid your picture and am now quizzing him to how pretty you are. He just said 'he likes his privacy and I can spill the beans about my every thought but not his.' He kills me. har har

    Go back and look what I put by the door in my backyard. Thank you for the information and now I love it even more.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Oh, this looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe - we love sweet potatoes!! :) Silke