Aug 28, 2009

On a (blog)roll

A dash of this and a pinch of that today~
Just got the great news that my little kitchen blog here has been listed in The Foodie Blogroll. Being part of a com­mu­nity ded­i­cated to food blog­ging feels good, I'm curious to meet other epicurean food-lovers, swapping passions and cookery perversions along the way.

If you too are the editor/author of a food-related blog and wish to join The Foodie Blogroll, click here to submit it for approval.

On a more significant and grave note
A few weeks ago, Corey - editor and author of the blog Living and Loving Every Minute of It - began posting a series of essays on the subject of child sex abuse and the obvious related perils. Whether you are a parent of a young person or not, I invite you to visit Corey's blog and read her latest post, which links back to the previous installments of the series.
Children are innocent, pure and defenseless, and they need to be protected in every possible way against potential sex offenders. What Corey's post stresses as most important, is the fact that a child molester can be ANYONE. I gave Corey my word that I would help her divulge what she has to say. It is my duty towards future generations; as a woman, as a mother, and former child.

Image credit Flattop341/Flickr

Bad manners

Thirdly, I would like to thank Nicky, a wonderful writer of fiction for young adults, friend and author/editor of the very interesting blog Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award 2009. I've been terrible with awards lately. Receiving them pleases me incredibly, and I am honored each time I get one (and they have been many, modestly) but for some reason, I'm finding it very hard to sit down and writing a post about it, I have difficulty following award ceremony instructions lately, tagging other bloggers and confidently striding down the blogland red carpet.
I don't know what it is, honestly. So please accept my heartfelt apologies if you've ever been kind enough to give me an award and have never read a post about it. Know however that I have displayed each and every one on my sidebar, each duly linking to the recognition givers.

I'm very tired and worried these days. But since I like to keep the tone high and jolly around here, I will not vex you with my petty little problems. Lately I have left very little space for my private journal entries on these cyber-pages, allowing the cooking/food topics to take over. Perhaps I need to set a day or two aside for "dear diary" posts instead. My bloggy therapy of sorts. Yet, even through the roughest of times, the sleepless nights mentally counting up pennies or wallowing in my solitude, I have rested on the certainty that the sun shines somewhere. Behind clouds, or on the other side of night, it always manages to glow brightly. And it will eventually seep through the blinds, invading my rooms. I am willing myself better. And that's why it's going to work out sooner or later.

A presto with happier, gluttonous and more delicious themes.

And a colourful (~note the English spelling)
embrace of encouragement
to my brave friend


  1. congrats on the will work out...brighter days are are on my heart...

  2. Lola,

    Congratulations on awards, well deserved. Thank you for the links to the noted posts. Yes, do take time for always helps.

    See you in September & ciao-meow!


  3. Ciao Tessa! Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! It is great to have you as a member! Once minor correction, The Foodie Blogroll and Foodbuzz, although we are partners, are actually two separate entities! :)
    Regardless, welcome and enjoy!

  4. Wishing you well, dear Foodie.


  5. Congrats on the kudos and I agree about Corey's very important series of posts...everybody must read!

    Do the journalling...don't burnout on the pages. We'd miss you!


  6. Congrats! Wishing you a delightful weekend.

  7. Hi Lola, and well done for all your awards. I'm also bad about putting them up, but always get round to it eventually! Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights.. hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend x

  8. Great news about the food blog. I know you deserve it.
    I hope things will pick up for you. Opportunity will come knocking.

  9. Congratulations on your Foodbuzz listing and on your awards. I honestly know what you mean about the posting of awards...very difficult for me too. I hope you will have a peaceful, sunny weekend, Lola.

  10. I hope you feel better soon

  11. Congratulations, Lola on both counts. Soon, you'll be a household name like Julia Childs. Hope your life gets a bit easier; remember, travel is tiring and demanding and you need time to get your strength and energy back.

    My best wishes from the Pacific Coast.

  12. Congratulations on one more well deserved award, you have a superb blog, Lola.
    Hoping that the sun will be shining on your life - the sun always shines in bella Roma - and looking forward to many more delectable and always interesting entries. Hugs from Portugal, soon to be from Spain.

  13. Lola, I just submitted to the foodie blog. Thanks for turning me on to this community. Chuck xx :)

  14. Every Cloud does have a Silvery lining! I promise ~ God Bless ~ Eddie x

  15. Hello Lola

    good work on achieving the Foodie Blogroll and commiserations for the fatigue and worry.. I hope things sort themselves out for you soon.

    Tell me what does carimony mean. I looked it up and only found carminative - a drug for flatulence!

    Happy days

  16. Dear Lola, sorry you are passing through a difficult moment. Hope you will soon make it through to the other side. A big hug!

  17. Coraggio amica... And you deserve each and everyone of the awards. Now to catch up with the posts!

  18. Hi Lola, I'm always amazed at the outpourings of support and warmth and expressions of loving humanity that come percolating up from all over like a good strong cappuccino whenever a fellow blogger shows any signs of distress. I haven't been blogging for all that long, but have seen it already in quite a few places... which suggests to me that a) it is totally normal to go through hard times, nearly everyone does at some point or another and b) there are alot of great people out there around the blogosphere who can offer wonderful support and often excellent advice. So hang in there, the sun will be shining in your kitchen window again one day soon... and what a kitchen you have ! I start salivating now even before clicking on the link to your blog, just the thought of coming to visit Aglio Olio sets my taste buds quivering. And I have been paying alot more attention to my tomatoes since reading your piece about them there a short while back... Cheers ! Bon courage !

  19. I do hope you feel better soon. Write! Do write. Diary entries are okay! It is YOUR blog, after all :)

  20. Congratulations, Lola, on the Foodie Blogroll!
    It is SO hard being a single parent. Out of all my life experiences - I found THAT one the most challenging. Not because of the hard work, but the loneliness is a killer. Thank goodness for Blogger and such things....I had no knowledge of such things back then.
    You are never really alone when you have cyber friends who care about you and little E.xx♥

  21. Thank you so much for linking to my post. :) I really appreciate it.