Dec 20, 2009

I've done it again...

I have audaciously ventured in yet another unexplored territory. I have started a photo blog

Like for cooking and restaurant reviewing–both activities which I carry out blissfully without any authority on my blogs–in this new adventure, I pay a tribute to the city that in one way or another has made me what I am. I will do this by posting a photo of the Eternal City on Roma Every Day captioned and laced with a little bit of history, a smidgen of trivia, some culture, perhaps a little entertainment, a taste of local food (of course!) and the unique character that makes Rome the place I call home.

come see today's photo

Roma Every Day
a daily photo blog

Roma Every Day is proudly part of the City Daily Photo webring. Visit CDP for more daily photos from other cities worldwide.


  1. Yes, today i will come to see next one! And you'd come to see my theatre group to perform in a laboratory open to the public in a warm and important and intimate Christmas party in Rome ? if you like the idea ... I'll wait also for you there, dear blogger! There will be not chili, or garlic, but nice people who love the theatre. Info at
    or 335-8381627. Bye, Ermanno

  2. hope you and e are having amazing to visit your new home...

  3. hope you and e are having amazing to visit your new home...

  4. Good luck and lots of fun with the new blog, Lola. Your photos on here have always been tremendous and I'm looking forward to being a regular visitor at your new place

  5. I am looking forward to Rome through your lens.
    I've never been there.

  6. Very cool, photo blog, I like the concept, good luck.I will be supporting you Lola, on your achievable venture! I love Rome and it's charm!

  7. Hi Lola. I love your Roma photo blog. I'll definitely be dropping by every day for some more virtual travel!

  8. That is a fun idea, you are so generous to share, i'm off to take a look!

  9. Ciao Lola, You always out do yourself. I'll look forward to this blog too!
    Give us all the nooks and crannies. I miss Roma!

  10. Love it!I will link your new blog!

  11. Yay! I can never get enough of Rome and I love your photos. Just started following!

  12. Hey, welcome to the City Daily Photo club! ;-) I'll go check out your blog now!

  13. It's incredible how people in different parts of the world can go through same experiences...what you feel for Rome, I feel for Paris, as an Argentinian in Paris, cooking in Paris, and my blog is just about that..!
    By the way, your blog is great! Congrats!

  14. Hi friend...your new blog looks great and I wish you all the success. And I have to say, of course you have authority to write about cooking here! Who would have any more than you to share with us all the fascinations and deliciousness of Roman cooking? I feel you, my friend, are the real deal. Ditto for your new blog.

    Sending many happy wishes your way for a restful holiday with little E and your other loved ones. xo, Sallymandy


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