Jan 24, 2010

1 little candle on the cake

It has been mostly a learning experience. It all started with a timid post one cold winter night, a year ago today. And from that day, every day, I realize how much I have learned in 365 days of blogging. With some help from my blogger friends I familiarized a little with a new foreign language called Html, I became competent in uploading photos, adding watermarks; I taught myself discipline and blog-etiquette, and at times when I'd be at my laptop for 6 hours straight, I understood what it's like to fight an addiction... But mostly, I learned that I love to share. I learned that if I write with my heart, if I post what I am passionate about, it all comes right back at you tenfold.

One reader, then three, then snowball effect. This blog is now counting more than 250 followers and over 30,000 page visits. I am overwhelmed by its success. And I am touched by your dedication. Yes, yours. This blog would not exist were it not for you reading this right now, your precious comments, your feedback, the empathy, the emails, your thoughtfulness, all the amazing gifts, your notes to my recipes, your love. So thank you for visiting and making this blog what it has become in only one year. Thank you for helping me celebrate this wonderful milestone.


Since many of my posts were intended to titillate your taste buds, and lure you into replicating the described dishes at home, I thought you might enjoy a review of my favorite recipes I blogged this year. I'm still working on getting the full list together, so in the meantime I'll keep you busy with some images of the past...

I am grateful for the many true friends I have made through this little food blog and I look forward with excitement to continuing the conversation the coming year.
Here's to a bellissimo 2010 of blogging around the table!

Eleonora (Lola)

P.S. I'm serving Champagne, shall I pour you a glass?


  1. Buon compleanno, happy birthday & yes, you may absolutely pour us a glass. To you!


  2. Stunning photos! Wow! Congratulations -- can't wait to follow more.

  3. Lola, would you believe I was sipping Cava when I started to read this! Sorry it wasn't Prosecco, usually it is, but I happened to have Cava open.
    In any case, congrats on a year of posting.
    Yours is one of my favourite blogs, I love your recipes and your writing to accompany the recipes.
    And these photos are a lovely treat, inspiring me to keep on cooking!
    Grazie Lola mi amico!

  4. Thanks for your year of entertaining us and tantalizing us with goodies!

  5. This is making me hungry. I shall return.

  6. Congratulations to my favourite chef. I love how you can cook and be so much more. I love how your food sounds, looks and mostly I love you the person; my Lolo.


  7. Buon compleanno e buon appetito!

  8. That's fantastic Lola ! Happy Blog Birthday !!! And many happy returns... !

    But you've done it again, I come here, and then I get hungry. And thirsty ! Very tantalizing and tempting all that. Is the last one Limoncello ??? Hmm, now that I have some of still, we keep it very cold in the fridge... think I may just go pour me a little glass to better toast your b-day with !


    But in all sincerity, yours is one of the best tasting blogs out there ! And has plenty of good taste too !

  9. Congratulations, Eleonora! The pleasure was ours. I'll drink to another great year ahead.

  10. You have also inspired other people to blog too, so you know! I have not commented before but I always look forward to your gorgeous posts and your amazing recipes!! Happy blog-birthday!

  11. Happy Anniversary!! I know just how you feel about blogging - it's been almost a year for me and a year that has changed my life! Thank you for being a part of that!! And thank you for continuing to inspire me!! Love, Silke

  12. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Yes, I'll take a glass and toast to you a big "Congratulations!" on you beautiful, yummy blog!

    Many Blessings to you!

  13. cheers! and congrats on the milestone. i am glad i found you in the blogosphere...i come here to get hungry. smiles.

  14. Congratulations on your milestone. Thank you for all the beauty that is your blog. It is a feast for the senses and we all appreciate the love that goes into it!

  15. Happy Blogaversary! here's to many more!

  16. Oh yes grazie, pour me some bubbly too. Now a toast.

    Only a year? You have done so much in a year. You have educated us on so many things Italia.
    You have fed all of our senses and made us lick our computer screens. You have delighted our eyes with your photographs and tickled us with your humor and wit.
    You shared so much of yourself and we feel we know you and like you and are so happy to be your blog friends.

    Salute, Lola

  17. Woot!! Congrats on a year of wonderful photos, recipes, and stories for all of us. :)

  18. mille grazie for your wonderful blog! Congrats on your anniversary--I hope you continue for many more years...I'd love a glass of champagne! salut! c

  19. Those photos made my mouth water

    Happy Bloggy Birthday, Lola


  20. Happy Blogaversary! You've done a wonderful job and I look forward to the coming year. Your posts inspire me!

  21. Huge Congrats! I loved your first post too. So very sweet!

  22. Hi Eleonora,

    I have just changed some software on y pc (I won't bore you with the details), which means I can read your blog without my computer going crazy. Enjoying your wee messages from down south in Roma. Saluti dala Liguria!

  23. This blog is fantastic... Happy birthday to you! I see you around.
    ^_^ Deborah

  24. Congratulations! I lurk frequently in the corner, enjoying your words and photos, but will certainly step out to join you for a glass of champagne to celebrate. Here's to you!

    Floria in Tokyo

  25. Congrats! Keep up the good work and pretty pictures! :*

  26. Many congratulations on your milestone. Your recipes look absolutely delicious and I will certainly be trying some of them out for myself.

    Keep on blogging!


  27. Lola... I am so happy that you are here in blogland.
    It's people like you that make this place an awesome experience.

    Thinking of you with a big smile and a warm heart.

    best wishes for the year ahead and may all your dreams come true.

    x Ribbon :)

  28. Lola, award for you over at my place if you want to call and collect it.

  29. Its always a mistake to blog on an empty stomach and your post makes me realise that I MUST go down for breakfast!

    LOVELY scrumptious food.
    I remember a lovely holiday in Italy. (Tuscany based) We didn't get to Rome though. Florence was beautiful.

    Nuts in May

  30. I left you a little something on my blog.

  31. Your blog has been a great pleasure to read and your recipes have been greatly enjoyed in my household, so far away from Italy - though I did celebrate both my 64th and 65th birthdays in Rome. I wish I could come back in October for my 66th. Congratulations on a year of delighting us!

  32. One year old! Perfect time for a new baby, a new baby sister blog for all of those personal and creative bits about yourself that I love to read. You've a beautiful beautiful place, Lola.


  33. SI grazie, un bicchiere di champagne non si rifiuta mai!
    Un abbraccio e ancora complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog scritto con l'anima.

  34. Tanti auguri, Lola,
    lucky us, having you in the Blogoverse!

    Ilooked at your photos and then searched for your Sflogliatelle Napoletane recipe. I have studied how they are being made (i.e. read recipes), but never baked them myselt, but I am sorely tempted. Have you ever tried?


  35. Happy blog anniversary! Wishing you many more.


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