May 30, 2010

Please bear with us...

Taking care of a little maintenance work, but will be posting again soon and providing loyal friends and readers with more delicious recipes, stories and local flavor.



  1. hope you are haivng a great weekend lola!

  2. This was a cute photo, Lola. Good idea! Hope you're back in action soon. I just got into the office after a long, long on-site work trip myself....

    A presto,

  3. Hope everything is going well Lola - come back soon


  4. What kind, Lola? Is all okay? Thinking of you!!

  5. take as long as you need dear, i will content my self with a lovely glass of wine and some of that stuffed eggplant...
    ♥ lori

  6. That looks like a tooth breaking sandwich there... happy maintenance work to you then Lola, life sometimes needs some maintenance...

  7. Your creativity shines again:)
    I like!
    Good luck with your work.

  8. It's made of chocolate. I've also bought one in Madonna di Campiglio.
    Take care Lola...

  9. I saw a lot of these amazing chocolate tools and other totally un-food-related-and-yet-made-of-chocolate things at the Cioccoshow in Bologna! They're so amazingly realistic. In fact, I think more everyday items should be made out of chocolate. It would make life an altogether tastier challenge.

  10. Ciao friends! Taking a quick break between welding and hammering the final touches to the new website.

    Brian~ busy and great, yes!
    Peter~ I was wondering where you'd been!
    FF~ Going great, thank you!
    Geli~ website maintenance, time management, physical tuning... it's all happening at once!
    Janet~ Knew you'd appreciate ;)
    Lori ann~ Every time I post an eggplant recipe, I think of you.
    Owen~ It does, boy and how.
    CChuck~ Thanks, chef!
    Anonymous~ This is from Monteverde...
    Stratusviatoris~ I agree. The old tools dusted with dry cocoa to mimic the rust are genius. I had a whole tool-kit of these delivered on Valentine's Day. Read about it here.