Jun 6, 2012

Cibando ~ give in to the urge

The restaurant-finder app and content company I work for Cibando has launched its first advertising campaign. Take a look at this fun promotion we recently shot on location in Rome...

This is the first of four ads in which Cibando employees play a different part, each humorous story tells of Cibando's love for food, our passion for fine dining, and the instinct that guides us towards each culinary excellence.
Cibando creates great informational content and a rich portfolio of mouthwatering photos for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, delicatessens, pastry shops, even butchers and fishmongers in Italy.

Find your delicious dining destination, enjoy the image feed, taste the specialties... and let go of all inhibitions!

To find restaurants in Italy, you can download Cibando for iPhone HERE
Or download Cibando for Android HERE


  1. Amazing what we can use our phones for!

  2. Downloaded the app(IPAD version).Best ever!!!!!