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Roma Every Day – photo-journal of the eternal city
Rome City Guide for Kids – tips and ideas for living/visiting Rome with children
Forchettine – notes on personal food experiences, in Italian

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Casa Mia | Italy Food & Wine Blog

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The American In Italia – columnist In Cucina food and dining
The Travel Belles – Italy correspondent
Italian Notebook – contributor
ItalyMondo! Blog – columnist Wednesday Wines wine appreciation and food pairing
Food Confidential – columnist Junior, Recipes and Homemade

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  1. dear eleonora
    i just finished to wathc your tv servie with gambero rosso and the service was in Ciociria where yo tested the Mozzarella chese and other cheese made by Bufala
    i d like to know how to get some cheese. I'm leaving in Chianti and i'm folloing your services but i cant drive all around itlay and i'd ike to know if there is any possiblity to buy the products via internet or if there i any place in florence aerea where to by such products.
    Pls give me any coments

  2. Ciao Unknown,
    thanks for your comment.
    Mozzarella di Bufala can be found everywhere, including Tuscany. Try your salumeria I'm sure they sell it!

  3. i love your blogs about italian way of life, please keep it up