Oct 13, 2012

Again, apologies

I apologize.

This blog has been inactive for a ridiculous amount of time.

I found 25 unmoderated comments and have been receiving emails form friends who complain the lack of updates. That is unacceptable!

Work and my life have really taken a toll on my blog time, but that's no excuse, especially when on the reading end are folks like you who are so affectionate, loyal and actually interested in what I have to say!

Take Debbie, for example.

Not only has she been on one of my foodie walks, awarded me with a trophy, she also likes to send things in the mail. Last month we received a box full of goodies and happiness, photos, clothes and love.

And Jeff? He's a keeper. When he last visited Rome he brought me some of his state's specialties, a toy for my son and he treated us to lunch in one of my favorite places.

Cannot forget to mention Geli, Rosaria, Eddie, Jim and Lori, among the first to follow this blog from its very beginnings in 2009. They have been a constant source of compassion, love and sound advice. I'd also like to remember the friends that are no longer posting, but looking over us from heaven, Renee and Tessa, along with Brian and Moannie, and the other angels I've had the fortune of crossing paths with thanks to this blog.

There are many of you that I'd like to thank for hanging in there and always supporting this blog. You have to trust me, I'll keep posting – and I promise it'll be more often.

So, this is not goodbye, it's a loud and ebullient arrivederci!