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In this section I list some of my favorite places to enjoy good food in Rome, divided by the topic on which they focus. For example, are you looking for gluten-free meals? Best breakfast bets in the Eternal City? All of Roma's produce markets? The 10 best picnic baskets and locations? Vegetarian restaurants? Look no further than the bottom of this page.

· Looking for some of the best pizzas in Rome? Check out this article by clicking on the link.

· Wine-lovers on the hunt for a good wine list first, and food to boot? Check this article on wine bars and enoteche in Rome.

· Here's a list of my favorite places for the Best gelato in Rome

· If you're on the hunt for true Roman recipes, this is where you can find the best cucina romana.

· Some of Rome's trendiest neighborhoods attract for the art and history. Here's where you can get the best food in Trastevere and great meals by the Vatican.

· Exploring the modernist architecture and museums in the EUR neighborhood of Rome, and feeling hungry? Here are some of the best places to eat in EUR.

· The posh Parioli district of Rome is home to great museums, parks, beautiful residential avenues and superb dining. Find them in my list of where to eat in Parioli.

· If you love pasta, pizza, focaccia and cannoli, but think a trip to Italy as a celiac will be unforgiving... you'll have to think again, for there is wide choice in gluten-free Rome

· Looking for great Japanese food in Rome? In this list you'll know where the おいしい食べ物 in Rome is!

· Are you a vegetarian/vegan and wish to dine out in Roma? Here's an article in which I list vegetarian restaurants and health food stores.

· Hungry after Michelangelo or the MAXXI? You can linger following a nice exhibition, or relax tableside, taking in art and beauty at the best museum restaurants in Rome.

· If you're traveling to Rome on a shoestring, make sure you take note of my list of places for true value dining in Rome in this article.

· Love fish? Listed here are some of Rome's best seafood restaurants.

· Should you be visiting the Eternal City with kids, these are some of the best child-friendly restaurants in Rome.

· The Rome cocktail scene is one to seriously consider. Here's my list of some of the best cocktails in Rome.

· Absolutely can't do without air-conditioning? The Eternal City can get quite hot in summer, but not in these climate-controlled restaurants in Rome.

· If the first meal of the day is your favorite, here's a complete guide to Rome's best breakfast best; or a list of places where you can find raw milk in Rome, or tips on where you can find croissant and cornetti dealers who bake their flaky goods from early morning to the middle of the night.

· In this complete list, I provide a full index of Rome's neighborhood and farmer's markets.

· If you're planning to cook a meal in Rome, you can also shop for all the right ingredients in some of Rome's best specialty stores and local foodie shrines, and in the best fishmongers, bakeries and delis in town.

· Sightseeing in Rome? Make sure you know where the best wine, gelato and pizza near the monuments are first!

· Visiting Roma in the springtime makes you want to live the lush outdoors, here's a list of where you can pack the best picnic hampers in Rome.

· Love dolce? Peruse my list of Rome's best sweet tooth landmarks, divided into accessible categories, between pastry shops, cafes, bakeries, chocolate shrines and more...

· It is possible to stay away from the tourist crowds and noisy hordes visiting the centro storico, and still enjoy a good meal. Some of the best food can be had in the outskirts of Rome. This is a selective index of Rome's outlying gems.

· If you like to take your time at a cafe, while updating your journal, check out my shortlist of favorite spots for writing and snacking in Rome.

· A list of options should you be feeling homesick for a decent burger in Rome, or for some passable Mexican fare.

· Traveling to Rome on your honeymoon, or eloping with your beloved? Check out my favorites among Rome's most romantic restaurants.

For more inspiration, in my restaurant blog Forchettine, I share some of my favorite food experiences (in Italian).

All photos by Andrea Di Lorenzo


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