Jul 26, 2015

Drink wine like an Italian

Italians regard wine an essential expression of their culture, it's in every Italian's DNA! As a fundamental testimony to the land's incredible biodiversity and ultimately a part of any meal, Italians – even the non-connoisseurs – give great importance to their vino and respectfully drink it accompanied with delicious regional dishes.

So when in Italy, drink wine like an Italian. But what's the best way to enjoy it like a local? Here are some wine-drinking tips that will add a little Italian flair to your next glass.

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Jul 17, 2015

The best granita & cremolato in Rome

Granita and other ice-inspired refreshments provide ideal relief from torrid Italian summers. I won't be in Sicily for another month, but I'm already dreaming of granita smeared in a French style brioche.

The best granita I've ever tasted was bought for pennies in a little gelateria run by a grumpy woman in Santa Maria la Scala, near Catania. Her pistachio, almond and mulberry granita flavors have forever spoiled me.

While I pine for Sicily, here's my shortlist of where to score the best granita and cremolato in Rome, and what signature flavors shine in each.

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Jul 11, 2015

New challenge: food writer on a diet

I have purged the fridge. Emptied the pantry. Gifted neighbors with full jars of marmalade, hazelnut spread and precious oil-preserved Taggiasca olives. Monday marks the beginning of a new project. Project ME.

In the past few weeks I have eliminated refined sugar and alcohol. In the following 14 days I will have to deal with further detoxing. I will be eliminating foods that are slowing down my metabolism and are essentially being stored as fat because my body can't deal with them like it used to.
That means no more processed food.
No more salt.
No dairy.
No yeast.

Next after that, I will be embarking in a 5-day paleo shock, to be followed by a 40-day metabolism regime. The gym membership has been renewed. The Fitbit fully charged.
Everything has been carefully planned, and I am now ready.

Back from my sunset run, I took a "before" polaroid and glued it to the bathroom mirror.

Fortunately, shifting my eating habits during summer in Italy will be easy, given the abundance of this...


But it will also mean saying bye bye to this for a little while...

This doesn't mean I'll stop publishing articles and posts about recipes, restaurants and food tours, on the contrary. I will continue to write about my favorite food & wine related topics and share photos of beautiful, healthy Italian dishes. It will be the ultimate zen challenge!

{Just be prepared for the occasional rant, frustration and (hopefully) cheering related to my weight loss program}

Wish me luck!

Jun 30, 2015

Italy's most curious sagre

Italy believes strongly in preserving tradition. Monuments and works of art are the most obvious and notable examples. Often overlooked is a more specific and occasionally eccentric manifestation of cultural heritage, the sagre di paese, in essence a town festival that celebrates a specific local food. The Italian word sagra derives from...
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Jun 27, 2015

5 favorite pastry shops in Rome

I don't consider myself a 'sweets' person. If I have to choose between mortadella stuffed in pizza bianca and a slice of cake, I go straight for the pork sandwich without hesitation.

Yet, despite how well I've eaten – and how full I am – I will always consider having dessert at the end of a meal, especially if the company joyful and the savory portions on point.

Rome can count on a wide choice of artisanal pastry shops that consistently provide locals with morsels of sweetness.

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