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"Aside from cooking, eating and writing, one other thing I love to do is see someone's face light up when they taste something delicious. That's why I introduce epicure, food-minded travelers to the city's myriad dining options. On a full stomach."
In addition to being a TV host, journalist, influencer and culinary connoisseur, I am a local Roman food lover and home cook. Specialized in culinary travel, my work as travel consultant benefits from a network of trusted local purveyors, first-hand personal experience and a sincere passion for the Italian food culture and lifestyle. Now besides writing, and photographing the places I visit, I now also co-own a food tour company.

Casa Mia Tours is a unique travel endeavor. My business partner and I are a team of experienced food specialists who are happy to provide visitors to Italy with a one-of-a-kind, local culinary experience, leading them on delicious food tours and wine tastings, hosting cooking lessons in homes, and taking food lovers on exclusive, food-centric excursions in and around Rome, Naples & Amalfi, Tuscany and Sicily.

So, all you food lovers out there headed to Italy for vacation, be sure to check out the Casa Mia Tours website and BLOG for expert travel inspiration, savvy advice and exciting food and wine adventures.

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