Apr 5, 2019

Polarizing foods

controversial comestibles: cilantro

Everyone has their own food aversions, but there are some foods it seems people either love or hate.

There are certain universally loved foods that everyone can agree are delicious. Think pizza and gelato, for instance. Certain others, however, are a bit more polarizing: for example, when it comes to ingredients like gorgonzola or anchovies, some people either love them or detest them.

Food elicits passion, both negative and positive. The foods that most strike aversions are the pungent, stinky, bitter, slimy, or excessively fermented. This love/hate antagonism can divide households and spoil budding relationships.

For coherence's sake I have expressed my own personal disinclination or enthusiasm for the universally polarizing foods listed below.

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