May 31, 2016

Weekend in Venice, Italy

Located in the marshy Veneto lagoon – which stretches along the Adriatic shoreline between the mouths of the Po and the Piave River deltas – the incredible city of Venice is admired and loved for the beauty of its unique setting, particular architecture, and immense body of artwork.
Listed as a World Heritage Site along with its vast surrounding lagoon, Venice is by all means a tourist magnet. Which is why I'd like to draw attention to the city's lesser known aspects. I'm sharing a few insider tips so that weekend travelers can avoid the stereotypes and clich├ęs La Serenissima is most known for worldwide.
Take advantage of the fact that the busy tourist season has not fully picked up yet. Hop on a train from Rome, Milan or Florence and hit the lagoon for 48 hours in the most romantic city in the world. Here are a few practical tips.

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May 28, 2016

Forget the kid's menu

My boy is a bizarre alimentary wunderkind, but it's not all his doing. As a child, I was a picky eater who whined a lot. I didn't eat tomatoes, fish bones scared me, and I ironically dreaded cheese. I didn't want him to be like me.

So I encouraged him to try different flavors and foods. I never forced him.

He's partial to bold flavors and has always loved fish. These are my gourmand son's top 10 dishes.

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