Apr 12, 2010

20 things that nurture me, an exercise

20 things that nurture me
(thank you Robyn for showing me this exercise some time ago)

1. My son: You are my universe.
2. Friends: I love you. You pull me out of dark spots, and throw sunlight at me. Every day.
3. Love: All-inclusive nourishment.
4. Instinct: A part of me I have never disliked. My sixth sense has never failed me.
5. Trees: Important creatures in my life.
6. Writing: Therapy in expression.
7. Art: I am moved by it, nurtured by it, humbled by it.
8. Nature: My deepest respect.
9. Laughter: Above all, my son's belly laugh.
10. Compassion: The only way to live.
11. Spirituality: A safe place.
12. Imagination: Powerful self-preservation tool.
13. Touch: My child's gentle touch, hugging people, trees and animals, and a nice deep-tissue massage.
14. Oceans, Seas: Where I naturally rejuvenate.
15. Chiming tubular bells: Instant inner peace.
16. Music: I can't imagine life without it.
17. Smell: Freshly baked bread, mowed grass, my son'r hair.
18. Poetry, Literature: I can never get enough of them.
19. Water: Drinking a perfect glass of water when I'm thirsty is the best. I am among the lucky few who can open any faucet and drink from it freely.
20. Sleep: When I sleep well I dream. I had my first dream in a long time early this morning.

    Like Robyn says, all the above are connected and wouldn't really mean much without each other. Please forgive this non-cuisine digression in the more personal sphere. I am in that place right now, not in the kitchen. This is a good thing.


    1. A great non-cuisine digression :)

    2. This list shows your fragility, insight, intelligence and sensitivity. It's lovely.

    3. smiles. a wonderful list...i may have to draw mine up. also a fantastic pic...so fun!

    4. 'Forgive' this? It was lovely, and welcome. Thank you!

    5. It is a very very good thing. I feel like I've just had a swim in cool water. Know that feeling? I feel fresh and more aware of the world.

      love to you in this day.
      and ha! to that boy in the box. what fun.


    6. Eleanore, I like this text. A few months ago I saw an exercise from an artist with one hundred questions, all a bit philosophycal. It's awesome.

    7. Eleonora,
      Who could possibly complain about your beautiful list!

    8. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. You know what they say about stopping to smell the roses? And John Lennon said it when he sang that Life is something that happens when you're busy doing other things...it was a wonderful post. Ciao, bella!

    9. Hi Lola

      the boy in the box, your son perhaps has beautifully expressive eyes.
      Your list will demonstrate to him a healthy and happy world view.

      Happy days

    10. The reminders of all that is good - should be done daily. Lovely.

    11. This was so lovely and you never need apologise for going away from the cooking theme. It was lovely to see (a little of) your gorgeous son as well.

      I'm with you on water as a drink. I don't do fizzy or coloured drinks at all.


    12. Fantastic and wonderful list !! I loved this one !

    13. Wonderful photo ... fabulous post.

    14. this makes me so happy to read, sigh.

      Okay, you might dig this too: my cousin just turned me onto creating a 'life list' and it was such a great recommendation. Here read mine and see if it feels good much like this post: http://www.familyfrolics.com/p/bucket-list.html
      (just scroll down to my list).

      ALSO do you think I could use this pic or can I link to it for our 'frolicking friday foto' event? I just started this weekly post-a-picture event of 'frolicking' and that picture SOOOO captures what I mean. AND would be a link back to your fantastic site. Think about it? Here is an explanation: http://www.familyfrolics.com/p/frolicking-fridays.html

      (Just started, but here is one example: http://www.familyfrolics.com/2010/04/frolicking-friday-fotos.html)