Dec 31, 2010

Addio, 2010!

Farewell old 2010, I've had enough of you. So I'm glad to see you go.
You've been nothing but trouble and disappointment. Your 365 days gave us more wars and horrible renewed conflict in many countries, the earthquake in Haiti, the BP oil spill, floods in Pakistan, Europe's near-simultaneous debt crises, terrorist and drug traffic attacks, the eruption of Iceland's Eyafjallajokull volcano, the Polish air tragedy, WikiLeaks, and the departing of many dear friends. This is your legacy.

I maintained my resolutions, but you haven't. You promised great things, and none happened.

The only good obtained has been through hard work, sacrifice, stubborn optimism and pondered choices. All of which reside uniquely within ourselves. We've matured out of the difficulties that 2010 presented. On a personal level, the hardships of the past year allowed me to find my voice, and through its expression, I have grown. I don’t feel belittled, dear 2010, instead I feel stronger and more confident. So for that I thank your obstacles and bad turns, because through many of them I have been elevated, empowered and emancipated.

Tonight I will welcome 2011 with a smile, red knickers and lots of champagne. I will eat lentils (carriers of money) and 3 white grapes at midnight for good luck. I will toast to my family, the rock upon which all my steadiness stands. I will thank God for his love and constant attendance to my prayers. 

I will bid farewell to Tessa, Renee, Mario, Corso, Piero, Aldo, Pietro, Suso, Tiberio, Claude, Mario, Arthur, Tony, Sandra & Raimondo, Angelo, Furio, Tom, Lynn, Jill, Dino, Dennis and Blake and all the many others that left us during 2010. And I will shoot fireworks, hoping they might see them from heaven.

Addio, 2010...
Benvenuto 2011 !


  1. smiles...out trials do make us stretch...hoping you have an incredible new year lola!

  2. Ciao mia amica! Happy New Year!!! I'm glad 2010 is over too, it has been one of the hardest years for me. I hope the New Year for you is much happier!!!

    P.S. So glad you are back! You haven't done a post in 2 weeks. I missed you :)

  3. Dear Eleonora -
    I didn't have a very good 2010, either, so I will certainly join you in helping it exit and toasting in 2011. I've thoroughly enjoyed your delicious blog, though, one of the great things about 2010.

    Blessings and the best of everything in the year to come.

  4. Such a heartfelt post. Here's hoping for stronger, better beginnings,less loss and more heart in 2011. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. Hi Lola,
    Yes 2010 was indeed a cruel year, best killed off by the New Year.

    May 2011 provide everything positive to enrich and bless your life Lola, above all happiness. I drink to your success.

    Hugs from your Brit bloggy buddy ~ Eddie x

    BUON ANNO!!!

  7. Oh boy, that really sounds like a tough year for you, Lola! So many friends lost! I am mourning some, too, like Tessa (who doesn`t?), and Peter and Elke and Max, but it is not the loss we should keep in mind. All my old friends, even the ones who are long gone, have accompanied me ever since. I can picture them in my mind, and they come.
    Your new year will certainly bring you new joy, Lola! I KNOW it. Look onward. Care about the living. Pass your love on, and it will return to you.
    This is what I am doing, heaping my love on you. Can you carry it all? It is sticky, though, and won`t get rubbed off. And now do a little hop, and smile at your son!

  8. Buon Anno. Che sia un anno migliore!

  9. Thank you to all my friends who stopped in and left a comment! I'm still recovering from a scratchy throat, jetlag and my mother's new year's eve dinner, so forgive me if I thank you in a common comment and not individually!

    Happy 2011
    E xx

  10. lola, my god that is a lot of people to have lost. i continue to deeply mourn renee and now tessa and renee;s sister jacquie and all i can think is that heaven is the better for it. and maybe the skies too, since i think tessa will be painting them.

    i love this post. it is my favorite among the new year's posts i've visited. you are so right. i feel as you do. thank god we have ourselves and our decent wits to try our best to make the world, and one another, better and best.

    with love always

  11. Thankfully the 2010 rollercoaster is now in my past and I'm hoping that I am actually off it!

    Here's to lots of love, laughter and happiness in 2011 along with enough wealth and health

    and lots of occasions to drinks bubbles


  12. Wonderful new year's wishes, thank you all!!

    Here's looking at a fabulous new beginning.

    xx Ele

  13. Boy, am I with you...2010 was not the most stellar year. But I have high hopes for 2011, and wish you the very best! Auguri!!!

  14. I can just sign my name underneath your words. So happy that it's over, but so thrilled for the New Year! I am not really superstitious, but I have a great feeling and a lot of hope for the next 12 months.
    I wish you as much joy and sunny days as you can muster, thousands of loving hugs and warm kisses, nights filled with excitement, good friends and right wine.
    Cin-cin per un anno molto migliore!

  15. This works a little like a poll, and the figures show a) 2010 proved to be thumbs down, and b) everyone's hopeful for 2011! Great, I'm a hopeful romantic and optimist, so let the games begin!!

    Ciao friends, and thanks for your lovely comments.

  16. Yes! Let the games begin!

    Buon appetite!

    Buon Anno!!