Sep 11, 2011

Where to find Mexican food in Rome

Mexican food regularly disappoints in the tragic Rome dining scene. For the most part, the quality of the Eternal City's south-of-the-border cuisine is an insult, leading so many of us to wonder why.

If I can manage to make great guacamole at home, why can't a Mexican restaurant do the same?

In my endless hunt for a decent burrito, I've endured mediocre mole and detestably microwaved enchiladas, not to mention undistinguished pozole, chiles rellenos, and gorditas. And properly topped tlayuda? Not a chance.

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  1. cactus kebabs sound like a fun try for sure...some of the best food i ever had was along the texas-mexican border...mmm.....

  2. Brian~
    I know, I miss real Mexican so much that every time I arrive in California it's the first food I eat :)

  3. That's strange, and too bad, as good Mexican food can be excellent... learned to love it while living in Arizona...

    Lola, it's been ages, hope all is well and that many good things are gracing your table every day. Though I'd be surprised if anything else were the case...

  4. I agree with you: Mexican food - not to talk about Southwestern American cuisine - offered in Mexican restaurants in Italy and other parts of Europe is so bad, so bad, compared to the greatness of flavors you can find in Mexico and the States.

    Since I moved to the US, Mexican and Southwestern US cuisine have become my favorite non-Italian cuisine.

    So delicious.

  5. Thank you for posting this! I am an American expat living in Rome, and I am 'hungry' to find other ethnic food options. Italy just does not seem to have the variety foods and culture the States seem to have. I will definitely be checking out your recommendations. Thanks again!

  6. Owen~
    I spoke about you just the other day. An old school friend (non-blogger) has been following your blog via this site and has been making a cake you posted. I love that.

    Tuscan Foodie~
    You are so lucky! Every time I arrive in California, that's the first meal I have!!

    Why Rome~
    Rome is ok for Japanese and Indian, but Mexican... only my few recommendations are passable. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. I must agree with Why Rome. In my experience, Italian large cities have the least options in terms of food (not to mention of smaller towns), if compared to other European cities. Brussels, even snotty Paris, London all offer a lot of options.

    The problem is in the attitude: too often our fellow Italian nationals will respond to this criticism with "but our cuisine is the best in the world". Which is funny, since it comes mostly from people who never try anything else, because...Italian cuisine is the best in the world.

    Odd, very odd. And don't get me wrong: I am from Tuscany, I love Italian cuisine. but there are other forms of life out there...and they are VERY good...

  8. hi,
    just wanted to add that i've had much better luck with finding authentic peruvian restaurants in italy instead of mexican.. peruvian communities here are more substantial than the mexican ones. working particularly in bakeries. as italians no longer want to start work at 3 in the morning...

    spent a good part of a year travelling south america and peruvian cuisine is by far the most varied. and particular. personally i find it measures up to mexican cuisine. even if some dishes take some getting used to. ceviche for instance..

    my recommendation for florence: la vaca loca in via barraca. the website makes it look like another mexican restaurant chain in europe. i can assure you a cantina in arequipa is a more appropriate comparison. and if you don't believe it you can ask any of the peruvian clientele which make up almost all of their customers..

    cheers from florence to snowy rome!