Apr 11, 2012

Writing and Snacking in Rome

Image © Raimund Kutter
Though most of my work is published on the web, I'm an old school pen-and-ink gal. I have a callus on the pen rubbing side of my middle finger. I like to scribble and keep notes in a bulging, dog-eared Moleskine notebook. I also have a passion for sending handwritten... postcards. Yes! Remember those?

When it comes to work, I hardly ever compose my stories directly on my laptop. Instead, I almost always start with a ballpoint outline. Besides the comfort of the seating and folklore in the faces, it's the nosh that most galvanizes the drafting...
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  1. Hi Eleonora, I rarely comment on your blogs these days because I feel like I am always saying how muhc I miss Rome and would love to be back. These little places where Romans mett and have a bite to eat and endlessly fascinating. Sometimes I wish that i could make a break from the corporate world and live off of writing and blogging but I know it is a near to impossible dream to attain :)

  2. Moleskins are the best. I need a Cross pen. The feeling of a good pen gliding over the paper is too sensual to ignore. And, yeah, a nosh et un bicchiere di vino rosso. Write.

  3. Love this one. Bar Calisto forever..

  4. Loree~
    I thought it was an impossible thing, but here I am! I wasn't in corporate business, but I was tangled in a wonderful job that no longer made me happy (nor provided stable income). It's always nice to read your comments :)

    My kinda life

    I know, and the freshly whipped cream... dreamy


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