Jan 15, 2013

Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

Rome is a city of meat-eaters. But some top-notch vegetarian spots are beginning to make a mark.

Photo © Andrea Di Lorenzo
The average Italian is a carnivore, Romans in particular. Veal and beef are the norm as main courses and in pasta sauces. But the city also has plenty of vegetarian options, mainly because mainstream Italian cuisine, which hasn't changed much since the 19th century, leans heavily on vegetable, pasta and dairy products.

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  1. I could certainly turn vegetarian for a day (or two) with beautiful food like that, particularly if it was served by you - Eddie x
    PS There are some nasty carnivores around at my place ROFL

    1. In my household too, Eddie... and I'm one of them! LOL

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    3. I had a little trouble with it, but then it all worked out. You have go to Settings, choose "Posts and commenst" then select "Embedded" in the Comment Location... should work.

    4. Thanks Lola, now I can reply to your lovely comments! LOL
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  2. Thanks for this article. As you've said, it's not really necessary to seek out vegetarian restaurants in Rome, as there are so many naturally vegetarian/vegan dishes in Italian cuisine. I've just written a couple of blog posts about my experiences as a vegan in Rome; I hope you enjoy them!