Sep 30, 2013

Grape and Olive Harvests in Italy

Sangiovese grapes I harvested at Cecchi Winery
Participating in an Italian harvest, whether it's grapes or olives, is an uplifting experience.

Italy's Autumnal harvest season is one big celebration, beginning in mid-September with the picking of white wine grapes, booming in October with the harvest of the red varieties, and peaking in November, that magical month of olive picking and olive oil production.

Harvests are entertaining because they're not exclusive to local farmers or even the estate's winemakers.

Travelers and enthusiast come from all over to help out. It's a fascinating and convivial experience that shows off the ancient winemaking and olive pressing process, while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. As a bonus, participants get to taste local wine and eat hearty food.  Continue Reading ➔


  1. Just popped by Lola to give you a little hug.
    I have written and posted prose poem which captures some of the sorrow I felt and the hope now surfacing. Otherwise I'm OK and doing fine. Hope all is well with you - Hugs ~ Eddie x

  2. An experience that everyone should try at least once, even if they are non drinkers!