Jul 11, 2015

New challenge: going on a diet

I have purged the fridge. Emptied the pantry. Gifted neighbors with full jars of marmalade, hazelnut spread and precious oil-preserved Taggiasca olives. Monday marks the beginning of a new project. Project ME.

In the past few weeks I have eliminated refined sugar and alcohol. In the following 14 days I will have to deal with further detoxing. I will be eliminating foods that are slowing down my metabolism and are essentially being stored as fat because my body can't deal with them like it used to.
That means no more processed food.
No more salt.
No dairy.
No yeast.

Next after that, I will be embarking in a 5-day paleo shock, to be followed by a 40-day metabolism regime. The gym membership has been renewed. The Fitbit fully charged.
Everything has been carefully planned, and I am now ready.

Back from my sunset run, I took a "before" polaroid and glued it to the bathroom mirror.

Fortunately, shifting my eating habits during summer in Italy will be easy, given the abundance of this...


But it will also mean saying bye bye to this for a little while...

This doesn't mean I'll stop publishing articles and posts about recipes, restaurants and food tours, on the contrary. I will continue to write about my favorite food & wine related topics and share photos of beautiful, healthy Italian dishes. It will be the ultimate zen challenge!

{Just be prepared for the occasional rant, frustration and (hopefully) cheering related to my weight loss program}

Wish me luck!


  1. Good for you! Your body will adjust and thank you for all your conscious choices.

  2. I certainly wish you success!! It is difficult dieting and dealing with food. As a food blogger you have to taste -- how else will you know if it is good. Right now I am dealing with making ice cream without a machine. I have tasted twice -- once the strawberry and once the Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Chip and it is difficult. The strawberry ice cream is already at our kids and grandkid's house and the Nutella one is going ASAP. Once a week we go ahead and indulge in whatever we like but the rest of the time we watch our intake. You are very courageous and I'll look forward to accompany you on your journey. Buona giornata.

  3. As someone who is in a continuous state of needing to lose weight, I wish you luck.
    As someone who is coming to Italy this November, I will follow your journey with rapt attention in preparation for my holiday in Florence, Siena and Rome. Best of luck!