Feb 13, 2016

Traveling with Kids

Unfamiliar timetables, jet lag disrupting a well-established routine, not to mention the stress of check-in lines, passport control queues and security checks: these are enough to break any seasoned traveler, even more so if with kids. Add a star if doing this as single parents.

Is there a secret for making travel with kids seamless or at least bearable? Maybe not, but I have accumulated enough mileage to share some helpful hints for parents traveling with tiny humans in their care.

The best thing to do when approaching extended travel in the company of your children is wise planning, keeping clutter to a minimum, and staying calm. Here are my tips for traveling with kids. Continue Reading →

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  1. I was just going to a long trip with my kids and I was wondering about a lot of things to put up with right. You post is really helping me out - great tips, I bet my trip is going to be easy handled. Thanks for your help!