Jul 9, 2016

A day on a cheese farm in Tuscia

The drive out of Rome to reach today's rural destination is just under two hours. The car swerves down soft verdant curves in the heart of the Etruscan Tuscia, a vast area of northern Lazio.

As the car pulls into a dirt road, all worries and thoughts magically seep out of my head and my muscles just as naturally begin to relax.

As I alight my dusty vehicle, I am welcomed by a tall, smiling man who is holding a snow-white baby lamb in his arms. He introduces himself as Giuseppe, the middle brother, and shows me around. He walks with a spring in his step to the pens where the newborns and their mothers are resting and feeding. He’s anxious to show me the newest addition to the flock, a young ewe has just given birth and is nuzzling a bleating ball of white fleece...

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