Feb 20, 2017

Quick market run and carciofi {video}

The morning was blustery and I needed a macchiato before hitting the market.

Never with a shopping list in mind, rather letting the goods for sale inspire the menu, I decided to make Carciofi alla Romana.

The wonderful globe artichokes have finally hit Rome markets, and braising them with garlic, olive oil and mentuccia is my favorite way to usher carciofo season.

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  1. Yum! How I miss having access to those beautiful Roman globe artichokes, pre-cleaned by the vendor. It made life so easy. Not to mention the attentions of the friendly barman who serves you your morning cappuccino at the bar on the corner. Life in Italy is full of such seemingly small but meaningful touches.

  2. Loooove artichokes :)) Hope you are well, Lola xoxo

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