Aug 21, 2017

Food writer on a diet

Working as a food professional, whether be it a home cook, food guide, journalist or food show host – coincidentally, my job description – poses nutrition challenges.

The anatomy of a food writer is always put up against a grumbling stomach. The occupational hazard has to do with constantly testing recipes, cooking many dishes and visiting restaurants (for research!), plates upon plates that need to be described, photographed and ultimately eaten. All this concurs to an ever-expanding waistline.

Personally, the weight was always an issue. Even before I worked in the food world. Even before pregnancy. I was overweight before I stopped smoking, imagine after. 
I blame the quantity of gelato I downed to overcome broken hearts. 
I blame having been educated to clean my plate. 
I blame my slow metabolism. 
I now can blame pre-menopause.

What I never did was take responsibility and blame myself. My sublime ability to procrastinate was never the problem, it was something else.

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  1. More power to you, Ele. I have not found my way - yet.....

    1. When you'll be ready it will happen. Don't be hard on yourself if it hasn't happened yet. :)

  2. I understand!!Completely!! I have fought the weight battle for 60 years. I've been really thin and still thought myself fat. Oh! That inner brain that doesn't let us see us for who we truly are. I am rooting for you -- activity is really the key. I have to also take that advice because of working at the computer plus cooking, baking, and tasting. I'm cheering for you.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I see old pictures of myself and cannot believe I thought I was fat THEN! I'm looking forward to sharing updates and progress "reports" along the way :)