Oct 3, 2019

Italian restauant no-no's

Pet peeves are personal by nature. They make waves at a gut level. Restaurant peeves develop over time and usually stick with you. It pains to report that some Italian restaurants—no matter how fine their food—manage to unhinge diner patience to the point of ruining the experience of guests who don’t know what hit them.

My own patience is limited. To me, a reputation for good food is blunted by an unpleasant atmosphere.

Collected here is a brief list of no-no's that can drive restaurant-lovers away, sometimes for good.

The acchiappino: In tourist-jammed cities (Rome, Florence and Venice) a hawker is often added to the payroll to reel in passers-by. He's known as an acchiappino, a "customer catcher."
You've seen his kind standing outside the entrance waving a menu and flirtatiously trying to lure you in using any means necessary ("Good morning, bonjour, guten tag, hola…pasta-pizza-tiramisu?") Anyplace that needs someone to convince me to enter isn't worth my money. Arrivederci.

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  1. Hi Eleanora.. One of my absolute bug bears too. I havent been to big cities in Italy, so not experienced it there , but when I do, I will be walking right past, arrivederci.. . There have them in many countries, specially when I went to Crete. Another annoying thing for me is "pictures of food" in Plastic, all over the front of the restaurant.. !! I would rather go to a place with locals, I'm sure I would find tasty real food. x