Aug 10, 2009

Breezy getaway...

We escaped. It was too hot and lonely in Rome.

I packed a light tote for Mr.E and myself,
and we made for the country.

As in Tuscany, where "pastoral" is as pretty as it gets.

Right now, as I finish posting this,
friends are setting the table for dinner.
The barbecue is on...

Rebecca is toasting bread for bruschetta
(pronounced with a K)
The menu this evening will be: rosticciana
- which is a lovely Tuscan word for 'pork spare ribs' -
herb-rubbed chicken skewers, garden salad
and homemade gelato.

I can't get enough of these scallions and vine-ripened tomatoes
picked warm this morning in the vegetable garden.

So I halved and scooped-out some Roma tomatoes,
and stuffed them with a little crushed tuna;
the chopped pulp; and some diced celery,
which I tossed with mayonnaise, before
divvying up the mixture back in the tomato halves
for our antipasto.

The air smells like burning firewood.
The swallows dance vast circles above our heads,
and our swimming costumes are still dripping pool water,
over there on the west-facing hedge.

Mr.E is in seventh heaven.
He spends most of his time playing in the garden,
digging up dirt, or climbing trees and plucking the juicy pears.

Look at that sunset...

...and the olive trees beneath the forest...

And what about this view
of the main entrance?
Isn't it lovely?

Ducks paddling in their little spa pond...

...Geraniums sheltered by the shade of a cherry tree...

...and beauty as far as the eye can see...

Speaking of tomatoes, tomorrow my friends
Selena, Rebecca, Lorenzo, with Mr.E and I
(and the supervision of my mother)
will begin the summer's production by cooking
the first 5 gallons of Pommarola tomato preserves.

The following day, it will be fig marmalade.
Depending on the yield, perhaps plum jam too.

Aperitivo is ready, I'm being summoned outside.
I have to go now...

...and I need to slip on a jumper, because it's getting chilly...

I'm so fortunate.


  1. it sounds as if you are in Heaven...what a perfect holiday...the ones we sneak away to are sometimes the best. i hope you are enjoying it as much as i did reading it. have fun in the dirt and the trees little man.

  2. De-Lovely! OMGoodness. Absolute perfection. Oh you certainly are SO fortunate. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, yes you are! How I would LOVE to join you all.......superb fun.xx♥

  4. Oh my goodness - how lovely! On all levels. So glad you and Mr. E. are having this wonderful time.

  5. Hi Lola

    Just Heaven...

    Happy days

  6. It is all so beautiful, and your photos are exquisite. Your stuffed toms are a must-try.

  7. How heavenly - you won't want to leave!

    I've such a huge appetite now after all those mouth-watering pics! (Psst! That strict diet I was on is a secret between you & me, OK?!)

    Have a great time!xx

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

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  9. Yes, you and Mr E, had a very elegant and tasteful day out. The setting seemed to be so relaxing! The foods, Yumm....
    The Pommarola tomato preserves sounds so heavenly! Nicely written, xx :)

  10. How gorgeous are those scallions? Lovely spot for some respite (and respira). Would love to see the tomatoes turned into pommarola and the figs churned into jam! Fun.

  11. Ooh, lovely vegetables, and scenery! Wish I was there, sitting on that brick wall, enjoying the view...


  12. Hope you are having a fabulous time, it certainly looks like it!! the meal looks delicious :-)

  13. How beautiful! Your story and photos make me feel as if I'm right there with you.. oh and that sunset is too gorgeous!!

  14. ah, dreamland! Hope you are having a great time!

  15. Oh WOW. What beauty and what a way to live! I agree, you are fortunate. Great escape to the country!

  16. I have just found your blog and this post sounds as though you had a divine time. The food sounds scrumptious and inspiring. Thank you.

  17. How absolutely beautiful!
    Wow I wish I was in that environment right now.
    My niece has just returned from a holiday in Italy and tomorrow I look forward to hearing all her news.

    best wishes

  18. Hi Lola!

    Just stopped by to say have left a little something for you on my site.

    Have a wonderful week & see you again soon!

    xxxLOL LOLA:

  19. You are so fortunate and all that is missing is somone touching your instrument.


    Love you so much.

    Renee xoxo

  20. I think you know exactly what it means to live right. Enjoy.

  21. What a wonderful place, Lola.

    Glad you and little E enjoyed your break ~ Eddie