Apr 20, 2011

Analogue memories

In this age of digitalized photography, technology used to obtain a vintage grain on pictures captured by a phone, and retro image rendering, I thought I'd post these photographs taken in Positano with a Kodak Instamatic camera, in the summer of 1977.

I scanned the originals so I could post them here, but didn't tweak the levels. The prints actually look just like what you see: rounded edges, cool cross-processed, funky '70s feel (and slanted horizons).

No App could ever match this.

This precise spot on this very beach is where I plan to spend lots of time during the Easter holidays, enjoying a few days off with family.  Possibly doing handstands in the water.

Buona Pasqua!


  1. Oh, I have such similar photos. Swimming in the sea and at the beach but mine were a decade earlier and many thousands of kilometres away in North Queensland, Australia. I love your pics and yes, nothing can replicate this quality. It brings back some wonderful memories. I hope your Easter break is as wonderful as those photos. Buona Pasqua!

  2. Oops, I just commented in my work persona not my blog persona. Sorry, Elenora it was me, Marcellina commenting on you nostalgic photos that have tugged at my heart strings!

  3. nice...have a great time...and yeah vintage pics as way cool...

  4. Lovely retro shots, have a good Easter.

  5. no app could ever match this indeed.........these are precious lola. so sweet to see images of you as a child. i remember that era of photography well - those grainy squares with that distinctive yellowy patina!

    easter blessings to you and e and enjoy that positano slice of heaven!


  6. Yeah, the pictures are dating themselves just by the paper they were printed on. Wish I were coming down/over to Positano! Buona Pasqua.

  7. Bunoa Pasqua! I still take those photos. I still love the surprise of looking at them weeks later after they are developed.

  8. Beautiful!!!
    Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.
    x Robyn

  9. Buona Pasqua! May you make many more happy memories on that beach!

  10. Look like wonderful memories... Happy Easter to you and yours!

  11. meravigliose!
    Not only do I have similar looking photos...but they have been taken at about the same time in the 70s AND on the same spot in Positano...I swear we must have met at some point!

  12. The good old days!! Enjoy your holiday with your family

  13. I so agree - show them like they are - makes the memories warmer


  14. Hi Lola. I love the old photos, just the way they are.. we have lots, too!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter getaway..

  15. Eleonora, you have no idea how nostalgic your 70's photos have made me feel! I have a whole box of them upstairs and they looks just like the ones you posted! My goodness those were good times! Thank you for sharing!

  16. It doesn't get much cuter than that! Buona Pasqua.

  17. i think your family sometimes stayed with a genuine fisherman's family, Positanese, on beach level near the church. i once stayed with them off season to write. eating with them at the family table, etc. when their net got ripped, i had to help them sew it back together. i asked one fisherman - called in from nearby sorrento - why he was sulking. he said they only spoke "Positanese" dialect, not Italian, around him, so he couldn't understand it. Two villages, five miles and languages apart

  18. First, you were cute as a button!

    Second, I have boxes full of photos that are similar. I love the grain of them, the way the very feel of them captures a specific time period.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. love them! hoping your having a WONDERFUL time.

  20. Thank you all so much for your the response to my photos! I'll respond individually to your comments once I get settled back in. Baci xx

  21. Sorry to reply this late to your kind comments, but I have just finished unpacking, doing laundry and shaking sand and pebbles out of our beach clothes. A huge thanks to:

    Taken miles apart, in different decades... but the happiness our photos evoke is exactly the same. Thank you for your warm words.

    I love them, even if they reveal my age!

    I adore retro. A word on the stylish '70s bathing costume? :)

    I'm happy you like them. They bring back such dulcet nostalgia.

    Oh, but you MUST come, prima o poi! I'll be happy to go with you, and share the wonder all over again.

    Good for you, brava! What camera do you use? I'd love to see them!

    Happy belated spring holidays to you and yours, my darling friend.

    I have made more and new memories! You can see other images of this vacation in my latest post.

    Grazie (wink)!

    Hope your Pasqua was relaxing and filled with great meals, like mine was!

    Wouldn't that be amazing?! Is that you swimming behind me in the 2nd photo? ;)

    I did enjoy, hope you did too!

    They seem more REAL somehow. Thanks friend.

    Aren't they all precious, our old photographs? Hope your Easter was as fab.

    Go get that box from upstairs right now. Open it and inhale the sweet smell of those memories.

    Grazie, and to you too!

    Capraro is the name. Salvatore still takes his boat out at 4 am every morning, and returns, chaffed and salty from the night's angling. I wrote a post about it HERE. You stayed with the Capraro family when Salvatore's mother Assunta was still alive: quintessential matriarch, sublime cook, and possessing the eyes of an eagle–she could spot her son out at sea, making his way back from fishing at ridiculous distance.

    Thank YOU, friend! Our old photos are pieces of us. A treasure.

    Lori ann~
    We had a fantastic time, photos can't capture half the joy we had.


  22. True - all these clever applications amd editing can never re-create the real thing. fantastic pictures. I am not sure what I would like more, the ricotta whipped with cocoa, the panna cotta or a pate of Cacio e Pepe. maybe all three.

  23. Rachel~
    Sounds like a perfectly balanced meal! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by, cara. Bacioni

  24. Nice snaps! Thanks for sharing experience with us.