Aug 11, 2011

Golden slumbers

Summer vacation in Tuscany

I'm lying under the cherry tree, damp grass between my toes.

Dappled sunlight through the branches, I breathe in the sweet aroma of afternoon green.

A small powder-blue butterfly dances with a dandelion.

I lie still, careful not to scare her away. I close my eyes. 

Distant children's cackle, I recognize my son's among other joyful voices. The train down in the valley whistles––then suddenly mutes––as if swallowed by a tunnel.

Someone is burning dry leaves somewhere.

Or am I already dreaming?
Summer vacation in Tuscany

We are in Tuscany on vacation. And lazy afternoons like these are the norm.

I feel a little bit guilty: markets are dropping, cities are rioting, politicians are at each others' throats, and I'm here, dozing under a peaceful cherry tree, fully relaxed. And happy.


  1. Do not worry about the bigger picture it is out of our control, all we can do is send our prayers to those not as fortunate as us.

  2. yeees...this is summer!!!

    This is holiday!!

    Enjoy dear eleonora!!!

  3. You are doing the right thing.

    The world needs more of people who are enjoying the moment. And to be happy in Tuscany is perfect.

  4. Brush aside that are in the present and it is a "present"...embrace it!

  5. I just returned from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest - where I had guilt over the finances world-wide and the horrible rioting. How can I enjoy myself? The wonder of the mountains and the oceans let you know what's important. Sustaining the natural beauty - for others to come - is important.

  6. Well you must just enjoy your luck and hope things get better everywhere.Have a lovely break!

  7. Linda~
    You're right. Conveying positive energy (from under the tree)

    Thank you dear fairies! E anche a voi.

    Despite the guilt, it feels right.

    It is! Thank you!!

    It's our duty.

    Angela B~

  8. Eleonora, we are the wise for staying sane and taking time. So much of the world has made itself into a contest, the worst for of that being war, and the passage of time is just striving, trying to win something that may have no value anyway.
    Do what you can when you can do it, I believe. I am not a sit back and let the pols do it citizen, but life just cannot be that and nothing more. Don't we wish Berlusconi knew that?
    I listen to the bees, watch the bats circle under the light at night, feed all the cats and some ricci and the occasional unknown creature, I prune, I water, I daydream.

  9. Il fischio del treno... se ci fosse silenzio, lo sentirei anche io.
    Divertiti e rilassati,
    un bacio

  10. My dear sweet Lola, may your life continue like this! Never forget these moments, carry them with you. A butterfly, I just learned, dances only for two weeks - but what a life! Full of beautiful encounters with dandelions and fairies (for sure) and evn Lovely Lolas, if she is lucky. Hug your son from me and keep that smile!
    (veri word is sumer, right so, who needs spelling)

  11. Judith~
    Thank you for your wise and comforting words.

    Sto guardando fuori dalla finestra alle migliaia di lucine che brillano nella piana. Ciao, mi vedi? ;)

    You always manage to make me smile with your sweet words, calming voice and cheerful smile.

    Thank you.

  12. Ahhh, beautiful....I could do with a dose of Tuscany right now :)

  13. Braja~
    Ciao! Nice to see you back here :) All that's missing in this little corner of paradise is a little bit o' yoga... (hint hint)

  14. Anche io mi rilasso e non penso troppo a quello che succede. Se non lo facciamo almeno ad Agosto, eccheddiamine!

    Ciao e buone vacanze


  15. Heaven! so happy to read of your happiness... we all need it x