Aug 30, 2011

Peach Tiramisu recipe

For some they're called Saturn, an Australian friend names them "donut;" here in Italy they're tabacchiere, because they resemble snuff boxes. Whatever their moniker, the small, flat and white perfumy peaches are the star ingredient in today's particularly droolsome summer tiramisu. Light, quick and easy to make, this particular dessert is magic: it has the power to disappear seconds after landing on your plate.

Ingredients for a 9' x 12' baking dish:

1 lb plain yogurt
1 lb mascarpone cheese
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 family-pack of Pavesini cookies (or lady fingers)
10 Saturn peaches (or 4-5 regular round, white peaches), peeled and thinly sliced
1/2 cup peach nectar

In a mixing bowl, combine yogurt, mascarpone and sugar with a wire whip, until well blended.

Quicky dip the cookies in the peach nectar (I didn't say soak, just quickly wet them, they should not go all soggy on you) and line the bottom of the baking dish with the moist cookies.

Slather a thin layer of creamy yogurt + mascarpone mixture, and cover with peach slices.

Spread another coating of creamy mixture, and continue layering moist cookies, cream, peaches, cream, moist cookies, cream, peaches... and so forth, completing with a final blanket of cookies.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least two hours before diving in.


  1. The peaches are here - the peaches are here!
    This Friday I collect my case of organic peaches and then the work begins. One of my favorite ways of storage, after stuffing myself silly with fresh first, is to dehydrate slices for camping and winter enjoyment.
    To prevent browning, immerse fresh slices in lemon water until ready to put into the slow drying machine.
    Do you think I can get away with bringing a batch of your tiramisu on our gourmet raft flotilla this Labor Day weekend? I'll give it a go - sure to be appreciated.

  2. Deborah~
    Wow, that sounds like so much work, but then I'm sure biting into summer during winter camping must be a wonderful reward.
    Now tell me more about this Labor Day gourmet raft flotilla... :)

  3. Most tiramisu are too heavy for me and I have it sparingly. But made with yogurt and those luscious Saturn peaches (which is what we call them) makes me think I need to do this quickly - because peach season in coming to an end.

  4. Ah, an easier version with a summer twist! Brava.

  5. Wow! For years I have been making the traditional tiramisu at my restaurant. This recipe looks like a great way to mix it up a bit!

  6. Una deliziosa variante per un dessert sempre gradito, bravissima! felice giornata....

  7. I've made a couple of different versions of this with berries but never tried peaches. After seeing yours though it is on my "to do" list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Claudia~
    Hurry, because waiting a year to taste this would be blasphemy! ;)

    Grazie, maestra! How are you? Always thinking of you.

    Great! If you will serve it in your restaurant, maybe you can call it: Lola's Peach Tiramisu! ;)

    Grazie! Sono contenta che ti sia piaciuto. Gradisci un altro sorso di Bellini? ;)

    Deborah Mele~
    Oooh, berries... interesting. See how great blogging is? Thanks for the swapped inspiration!

  9. What a perfect way to use peaches-thank you! I'm happy to say I have all the ingredients on hand.

  10. We had such a rainy summer. It never WAS peaches time, really. But your recipe sound so delicious, and this year these Saturn peaches have shown up at our markets, too. So I WILL give it a try, rain or no rain! Love back to you, dear Lola!

  11. Love the idea of a peach tiramisu, but I always find those donut peaches (that's what we call them here) so hard to peel.

  12. Oh i have to try this. Might be the perfect dessert for an upcoming BBQ :)

  13. I can't wait to try this. It looks and sounds wonderful.

  14. Janie~
    Wonderful, so you'll make it?

    With such an expert pastry baker as yourself, I'm almost embarrassed... hope you'll like it!

    A trick is to splash them in ice cold water for a few minutes. Then cut them in half legthwise (very little there to cut!) and twist the halves apart. The skin will peel right off.

    Great! I love BBQs!! Let me know how your guests liked it :)

    I'm sure you'll love it... and it's sss easy to make!!

  15. I Can not wait will be experienced by and say the results as soon Thank you for your article

  16. My jaw dropped when i read the title!
    Thank you for sharing and this sounds right up my alley and perfect for a end of summer dessert. I will be sharing this one with my facebook followers!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  17. Murissa~
    Thank you so much for your generous comment, and for sharing. Let's connect on Fb! :)

  18. Looks kind of like canning. Hi from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  19. Richard~
    Hi, I used the mason jar only for presentation, so my readers could see the various layers of the tiramisu through the glass.
    But this creamy desserts actually only lasts a couple days in the refrigerator, if any leftovers should remain :)
    Chers, and thanks for the visit!

  20. Brilliant idea! The peach season is not quite over here. Got to give this a try!

  21. Looks and sounds amazing. I love how you put it in the jar, creates a cute country serving option. :)

  22. Ciao Eleonora,

    I made this dish and it is luscious. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is easy to make and delizioso!


  23. Frank~
    Excellent! let me know how it turns out :)

    Cooking on a Dime~
    Thank you! Yes the glass serving container allows to see the layers too!

    Wonderful! I'm happy it was a success.
    Thank you.