Dec 12, 2011

Winter pasta sampler

Chilly weather is the Italian invitation for starch-dependent menus. Though they're consumed with abandon year-round, winter gives carbs an even bigger welcome mat.
Some pasta dishes are particularly well suited to the colder months, most not necessarily dependent on seasonal ingredients. They include hearty grain and vegetable soups, richly dressed rag├╣s, and the best of all gourmet comfort foods, risotto.

Here are three of my favorite stalwart winter primi piatti, with a little bit of history and recipes.
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  1. My grandma used to make "riso con le patate", not pasta. She was from the Marches region. As for the other two, I couldn't agree more about their "comfort" value...

  2. Great article. I've been looking for a good pasta e patate recipe since my husband is always saying I should make. Carabonara is one our staple favorites as well. Do you have a good recipe for pasta e ceci? I just love your blog. Now only if it were in Italian I could improve my vocabulary!

  3. Tuscan Foodie~
    Some dishes spell "hug me" don't they?

    Here's my Pasta e Ceci recipe. As far as Italian language posts, did you visit my restaurant review blog Forchettine? There's good exercise material there!

  4. Very beautiful!May I have one please?
    Regards from Thessaloniki.

  5. I'll definitely try your recipe this week. I do read your other blog as well! I've been studying and speaking Italian for 12 years now, my husband is even from Ferentino, but it's never enough. We are teaching our daughters to speak Italian and my two year old already uses some words I don't know! Well I know them now...:)