Sep 22, 2015

ProLoco D.O.L., dining in the Centocelle suburb of Rome

ProLoco D.O.L. is not easily categorized. It's a place where you can shop for sublime local products as well as pick up your CSA box every Wednesday. But, it's also a place where you can stop for a quick lunch, grab a glass of wine or a beer with snacks after work, or book a table for a full five-course dinner.

And, this is no ordinary dinner! Dining at ProLoco D.O.L. equals traveling across Lazio – the region of which Rome is the capital – without ever leaving your table. Vincenzo Mancino, mastermind behind this deli-restaurant in the Centocelle suburb of Rome, is a tireless scavenger. He scouts out the region in careful search of the area's best ingredients originating in Lazio (the acronym D.O.L. stands for "di origine laziale") and he succeeds: his shop boasts an unrivaled and always growing supply of local, quality products, such as...

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  1. Oh, how envious I am...those cheeses look fabulous.

  2. Sounds wonderful. What is a CSA box though?

    1. It stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" - a service you subscribe to that brings you a box of food from adhering nearby farms. This shortens the supply chain; keeps me stocked with wholesome, seasonal, local, organic food; and teaches me to recycle leftovers. Here's one I googled for you
      E xx