Sep 28, 2015

Recipe for Scabbardfish Involtini

Some people are under the (wrong) impression that cooking fish is a complicated affair. It is not! Actually fish is much easier to cook than meat.

When I last visited Siracusa in spring, the Ortigia market was jumping with activity already in the early morning, with the fabulous fish stalls attracting my attention. A vast array of fresh-from-the-sea gleaming, silvery creatures of every sort, including scabbardfish, which is such an underestimated marine delight.

Should you be lucky enough to chance upon sensational scabbardfish, here is a fantastic involtini recipe I learned in Siracusa...

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  1. I am totally one of those people who is afraid to cook fish! I have to get over it and this seems like a great way to start :)

  2. The critical thing to recollect however is for whom you are cooking. Be sure of what kind of veggie lovers you are preparing the devour for with the goal that you will have the capacity to cut the dairy items in the event that you require to. Good recipes