Mar 20, 2009

Torte & Tortelli

A little food porn from the storefront window of Gargani, the Bulgari of Roman gourmet grocers.

Featured in this first picture:
  • Upper left-hand corner: the delectable tortellini Maletti with a prosciutto and Parmigiano filling. Notice how the pasta dough is bright yellow, you thank the farm hen and her organic eggs for that.
  • Above, center: ricotta and spinach ravioli, homemade by a local pastaio artisanal manufacturer
  • Upper right-hand corner: organic pesto sauce sold by weight
  • Middle: tagliolini all'uovo, fresh egg pasta, coarse and delicious thick angel hair-type
  • Lower left-hand corner: "caramelle," pasta dough 'candies' made with spinach, stuffed with Fontina cheese and ground walnut meats.
  • Below, center: mini potato gnocchi (the size of a thimble)
  • lower right hand corner, hand made Ligurian trofie (perfect marriage with above-mentioned pesto)

Second photo illustrates:
  • Upper left-hand corner: semolina gnocchi (typical of Rome). These are discs of polenta-style cooked semolina, and they are usually prepared by broiling them in the oven to form a crispy butter and grated Parmigiano crust.
  • Above, center: capellini (angel hair) egg pasta nests
  • Upper right-hand corner: reverse angle on aforementioned tortellini
  • Middle: assorted fresh homemade egg pasta, sold by weight
  • Lower left-hand corner: mini multi-colored potato gnocchi (tomato and spinach added to the potato flour mix)
  • Below, center: "caramelle" pockets stuffed with a pumpkin and crushed amaretto filling
  • Lower right-hand corner: regular potato gnocchi

And now, onto dessert. The following 2 pictures display:
  • Assorted crostate tarts (apricot marmalade, Nutella, blackberry jam, custard and pinoli (Italian for pine nuts), mixed dried fruits, etc. Notice the price in the foreground, €16,00 per kilo (hence the Bulgari nickname)
  • Marron glacĂ©es (candied chestnuts with a caramelized violet flower on top)
  • Fruit tarts, with prevailing strawberries (out of season, really...)
  • Salame di Cioccolato, a decadent chocolate dessert. For the recipe, see my rendition here
  • Antichi (way, way in the far back), a confection inspired by an ancient Roman recipe: baked pastry baskets filled with honey, almonds, raisins and pine nuts
  • Pastiera, the quintessential Neapolitan Easter cake made with wheat, ricotta and just a drop of orange blossom essence
  • Apple strudels, they come in any size, shape and form
  • And away, hidden in a far nook, a majestic bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, a damn fine Champagne

Viale Dei Parioli, 36/b
00197 Roma (RM)

06 8078264

06 8079012


  1. So many delectables all in one place! Isn't that dangerous? Doesn't it worry you? Don't you want to share?

  2. This isn't porn, it's torture. Please send me one of those pies. Any one. Your choice.

  3. anno - It is quite dangerous, but nothing food-related worries me. Can I ship you anything?

    Pyzahn - I'd go for a Nutella tartlet. FedEx? Thanks for dropping in to say hi.

  4. Yummy!
    Sorry to hear your little one is sick, Lola.

    I was a single parent of 3 kids for 5 years, so I understand those feelings you spoke of.
    Big hug to you.x♥

  5. Natalie - Thank you, what sweet words. I love this blog thing, it allows me to connect so easily, so freely, so warmly. And reap huge benefits.

  6. Lola, torture is right! Do you know what it is like to live in a place where that kind of food is not even available? Okay, I can travel about 2 hours to Boston's North End ... come to think of it, it may be worth the trip!

  7. Lola ~ I haven't been to Rome in ... well, WAY too many years. I stop by to visit and you tease me with food. This is, indeed, a quiet form of torture. :o) I hope you are well.

  8. Good heavens, you're killing me! I can't read your blog at night when I'm hungry. Note to self: have a snack first.

    I want every single thing in that first photograph.

    Love it...thanks, Lola!

  9. Jennifer - Great! Next time you're in Boston, stash up and report back.

    Beth - Thank you for stopping by for a bite to eat, please come back soon. I promise, no more teasing.

    sallymandy - Thank you for dropping in, next time bring a snack for me too. Ciao!

  10. Now I know I live a very staid life - I must get out more! I must go to a place that has stuff like this in cute little stores!

  11. Susan - well said, come to Italy! There's one around every corner...