Sep 10, 2009

Be my guest - Tangy Sweet Salmon recipe

For this week's installment of Be my guest I'll be introducing my dear friend Lori E, author of the blog Family Trees May Contain Nuts as chef of the day.

Lori E is a brilliant genealogy researcher, computer teacher, tole painter, gardener, Santa collector, food & wine enthusiast and witty blogger. Lori and I began posting around the same time, it's been fun to follow each other's creative baby steps in blogging.

She will be sharing a surprise recipe today. I'm kind of excited because I don't know what she'll be making. All I know is that it already smells wonderful...

Here you go Lori—the kitchen is yours.

Tangy Sweet Salmon

I am so pleased to share a meal with my friend Lola and all of her friends too. I am a Canadian and I live on the West Coast of the country in Beautiful British Columbia.

Having the ocean so near you can be sure that one of the main ingredients in many restaurant and home cooked meals is seafood. British Columbia is known for its delicious bounty from the sea and salmon in particular.

We have a wonderful fish market nearby that has their own boats. This assures us of the freshest seafood possible. Bruce’s Market is the place to go. I have written about them before and always buy my seafood there.

This recipe really isn't much of a recipe at all. It is so simple and so good you will have people who normally don’t care for salmon asking for seconds.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, about 200° Celsius. Nice and hot for fish.

Let's start with a lovely filleted piece of salmon. I prefer Sockeye salmon for its bright color and superior taste.
Place it on a piece of foil. This will be messy in the end so you will be happy you did.

Use a good quality mayonnaise and spread it over the whole length of the salmon, about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Sprinkle this with some pepper.

On top of this you will pack some brown sugar again about 1/8 to ¼ inch thick. Press it into the mayonnaise layer firmly. Now you will be happy you placed this on the foil.

Lift it with the foil and place it on a baking sheet. Pop this into your hot oven cooking 10 minutes per inch or until fish flakes easily in the thickest part.

The fish will be topped with a delicious sauce both tangy and sweet that will compliment the lovely salmon flavour.

I would offer a crisp, cold Pinot Grigio with this. I chose a wine from a British Columbia winery, Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery in the Okanagan Valley. Their Pinot Grigio is called Ogopogo's Lair in reference to the mysterious Ogopogo sea creature said to live in the lake and the cave in which he resides when not prowling the waters.

Anyone up for a little swim before dinner?

Grazie, Lori E!


  1. we just had orange glazed salmon the other night...though i had nothing to do with preparing. just the eating. sounds wonderful.

  2. Questo blog รจ delizioso e splendido! Le foto sono molto belle ! A presto ! Ciao e arrivederci !...;-)


  3. Hi Lori E! i enjoyed your post very much, I love salmon. We can get excellent wild alaskan salmon at Trader Joes, and at a good price too. I have a similar recipe only you use basil pesto over the fillets and then cover that with a generous portion of chopped pisachios (this makes a wonderful crust). Bake for 10-12 mins. UMM.

  4. The color of this dish, with it's beautiful simplicity, just makes my mouth water. Pinot Grigio in all it's glory is my favorite wine. This menu is just so appealing. Not to mention the fact that Lori is Numero Uno in my book of great blogging friends. Thanks for spotlighting our friend!


  5. Lori E. has a great recipe here. I can't wait to try it.

  6. Sounds easy and delicious. Yummy, I am going to do this one.xx♥

  7. Lovely recipe, especially with such fresh salmon!

    Ooooo, Lori, I'm so jealous. I LOVE BC!

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  9. Mmmmmhhh, I just wanted something agro/dolce, and I guess this is agro/dolce?
    I'll try this one!

  10. Grief! This is not the place to come if you're on a diet, is it!!!!!!!
    Seriously..... the food looks delicious. can I come round for tea?

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy this recipe in your own homes.
    And thanks to Lola for inviting me into her fabulous "kitchen".