Mar 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day 2011!

mimosa flowers are the symbol of women's day

In Italy it's a common habit to give mimosa to women on March 8.

Mimosa is the symbol for Festa della Donna, which is what we call International Women's Day here. I don't know why this worldwide festivity isn't actually celebrated in the United States, but in Italy it's very important.

Today is the day when women of all ages are most pampered with lots of extra attention, organize girls' nights out, drink plenty of cocktails, receive gifts and–mostly–flowers, in particular, the pillowy and aromatic yellow mimosa.

This year, the MiBAC Ministero per i Beni e Attivit√† Culturali––the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities––is celebrating Festa della Donna by offering women free admission to all state art establishments (museums, archeological sites, libraries and archives) many of which have inaugurated special exhibits, unscheduled openings, guided vists and women-themed events. The slogan for this happening is "Cosa sarebbe l'arte senza le donne?"––What would art be without women?

Happy Festa della Donna!
How are you celebrating the speical women in your life?


  1. Auguri per la festa della donna!! :)

  2. Hi Lola, happy women`s day to you, too! (have you read the book "Half the Sky" by Kristof/WuDunn? Still no equality anywhere!)
    I think this is more or less a socialistic day (therefore not celebrated in the US). Here in former East Germany it is a big day! The women go out together and enjoy the day. They all know about Clara Zetkin who founded it 100 years ago, and many streets wear her name. But in Socialism it only led to women being "allowed" to work, it did not make them equal (housework and parents` care is still a woman`s job).
    There is still a lot to be changed in many heads. I hope the revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa will consider women`s rights as human rights!!

  3. i never really quite appreciated festa della donna until i read your post! AUGURI!

  4. Well, color me a troglodyte, but I didn't know. Thanks for the reminder.
    Like Valentine's, this is one of those days where a most unwise thing to say would be "But Honey dear, *every day* is Woman's Day".

  5. happy womans day lola...may you be celebrated today...and get all the attention you desire...smiles.

  6. I've had the most fun on Int'l Women's day when in Rome & Naples. I knew I'd find mimosa here. Thank you!


  7. Andras~

    It might be a Socialistic celebration, but it did all start in the US, that's why it's so surprizing that it doesn't get as much attention as it does here in the Old World. Much much still to be conquered indeed... Thanks for stopping by!

    Che bello, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

    Every day *is* indeed woman's day, but on this occasion I like to celebrate the sacrifice of the many women who gave their life for our rights, and not only 100 years ago.

    Thanks friend. And big smiles to you and the family too.

    Thank *you* for the visit!

    Auguri to all the ladies (and the boys too).

  8. Happy Women's Day! I first learned about Women's Day at Torrefazione Caffe in Portland(now sadly gone, bought up and closed down by Starbucks). Every year on Women's Day they handed out flowers (not mimosas, instead the more readily available tulips) to all the women.

    I think I'll go buy flowers for all the women in my household! And if I can't find mimosas, perhaps I'll just have to drink one?

  9. Ciao Eleonora, ottima proposta del ministero!!! bacione! e buona festa anche a te!

  10. Giovanna~
    How sad that Starbucks is killing small family roasters... Do you know about the Holy Cow Coffee Company?
    Check them out.
    I actually thought of posting the recipe for the cocktail... cin cin!

    Si è una bella iniziativa. Oggi vedevo gruppi di ragazze che entravano nei musei. Che bello! Evviva la cultura!!

  11. Wonderful, wonderful post. I have been reading about International Woman's Day and wish we had something similar. I particularly love opening the museums and galleries to women for the day as well as special exhibits. That is a true celebration.

    I suppose if Hallmark got a hold of this holiday it would be an oblligaotry day to buy cards!

  12. Happy Women's Day! I remind my American husband every year that he has to remember this day and celebrate the women in his life (after all he has four daughters:)
    I've been telling all my friends about March 8th and what it stands for.
    We have accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot to do:)
    That was a wonderful action from your Ministry! I hope many took advantage of it.
    I didn't know about mimosas, but I wished all the women Happy I.W.D. on my blog with a photo of four flowers, one of them mimosa:)

  13. Claudia~
    I'm happy you liked this post. I usually shun consumeristic holidays–even if Hallmark hasn't monopolized this one yet, some here try to exploit it to make money–but this day I like to celebrate all those brave women who 100 years ago (and still to this day) give their life to defend our rights.

    There is still indeed a lot to be done to recognize women's equality, but I trust the times they are a-changin'!

  14. I suspect it's not celebrated here because of the more radical of the womens lib sorts. Can't argue for equality while asking for special treatment (at least, I assume that's what many think.)

    As for me, I love women and am glad to have any opportunity to celebrate them. Happy Womens Day to you!

  15. Hi Eleonora, Happy Festa delle Donne. It's a great time to review how far we've come, and still how far we need to go. In my lifetime, things have changed; and yet now, especially now, things seem to go backwards here in the states.

    Women must stand together and keep working toward equal pay, full medical coverage and full array of opportunities.

    Great to see you. Hope everything is going well on all fronts.

  16. Happy Women's Day! I stumbled across your blog recently. Love it...your posts are delicious & creative. So glad I passed by...

  17. Jim~
    Thank you Jim for your love and support!

    Backwards here too, with a Prime Minister who worries more about partying with underage girls than preserving their dignity and the fate of our Country.

    Thank you for stopping by! Please, make yourself comfortable. Glass of wine?

  18. happy this and every day, my friend. i am so glad for your blog and to get to know you.

    we women: together strong. now who do we have to thank for that?

    with love

  19. Greetings! Rosaria has provided me with your (beautiful) blog site. Knowing she was born in Italy I thought she could point me in the right direction regarding a trip I am planning .. she directed me right to YOU!

    My eighteeen year old granddaughter is graduationg from high school in June. My daughter and I want to treat her to a trip to Italy. We haven't confirmed dates .. I have already been advised to travel outside high season/crowds/higher pricing if possible. We are thinking early September. My daughter and I would stay with granddaughter (Jennifer) for about two weeks. She then wants to spend a month, maybe two exploring on her own. (Hostels, etc...) I must confess the thought of her traveling alone is a little frightening. She is pretty determined and insists he will be fine.

    Rosaria has suggested we come to you for assistance with planning an itinerary ... if you are interested in consulting, please advise what your fee would be. We are in the early stage of making plans and are on a tight budget .. which will reflect where we stay, etc.

    Florence, Rome, Venice .. the usual tourist destinations are important ~ equally important ~ getting out into the country, seeing how people live, soaking up as much 'flavor' as we can.

    Thank you so much,
    Helen Dehner

  20. KJ~
    We have to thank another female... Mother Nature!!! And thank you, for being my friend.

    I'm emailing you! Baci

  21. Art would be pretty boring....smiles

  22. Am going to celebrate one special woman in my life by leaving a comment on her blog right now, wishing her an abundant dose of happiness and great baskets full of flowers for her.... to thank her for all the wonderful moments she gives us month after month, especially the mouth-watering recipes....

    All the best to you Lola, and to women in general... I think men are a bit over-rated... (well, not all men, but a few too many)

  23. Women all over are giving birth to themselves again! It's been a long pregnancy - well worth waiting for.

    Does La Madonna have to grow a mustache to be listened to?

  24. Emom~

    Therse are the lovliest Festa della Donna wishes I've ever received!! Thank you, smiling uncontrollably now.

    Still a long way to go, though, considering our autonomy is still in embryo-stage...