Oct 31, 2011

Burger obsession

The dream starts with me ordering an "Original" at Louis' Lunch in New Haven.

It's 1 a.m. and the place is still bopping. The smell of sizzling meat wafts from the grills. As I sink my teeth in the warmth of the bun and meet the juicy Black Angus ground sirloin, short rib, and brisket combo with its flavor-lending 20 percent fat, slow motion droplets of rare beef drippings fall with a silent splash on the plate before me.

I wake with a gasp. Dream over. Sad to say, I am in Rome, where no burger tastes as ambrosial.

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  1. uhmmm not the right hour to read this, had a terrible morning and skipped my lunch! so you´ll understand I am sooo hungry!!! would yell for a burguer!!:-)))

  2. Gosh Lola, with your vivid description there is now saliva all over my keyboard.

    Hugs ~ Eddie

  3. I do not eat meat, so I cannot judge the burgers in Rome, but I do know where to get a fantastic veggie burger: Fame Nera in Trastevere on Via San Francesco a Ripa. Literally one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had, not just in Italy. My husband loves their "real" burgers as well, so I would guess they are worth a try. Perhaps not gourmet, but very well priced and tasty. Thanks for the suggestions, particularly the one in Monteverde, we'll definitely try it out!

  4. I pretend to be a vegetarian, especially here at home in the States, but this article has left me desperate for a perfect hamburger! Well done, once again.

    PS: So glad we got to spend time with you and we loved Roscioli!

  5. My dear Eleonora, I can swap you anytime!!! We just went trick-or-treating tonight, and for the love of God, I would love to be in Rome. If you ever come to Phoenix, one of the best burgers in town is DELUX. My treat, I promise.
    Happy Halloween.

  6. Colores~
    Oh, no! Sorry to hear of the bad morning. Glass of wine helps...

    Ha ha ha mop it up Edoadro!

    Thanks for the great pointer! I'll definitely go try out Fame Nera. I'm not for gourmet burgers, so theirs sound just perfect. Even the veggie one...

    Missino accomplished, then. I'm a huge tease and love to get people's appetite going with my posts :)
    It was indeed lovely to meet!!

    Will definitely keep that in mind, thanks! I have 2 good friends in Phoenix I'd love to go visit... now I have three! :)

  7. I'm partial to In-N=Out burgers. I do a yearly run to Southern Cal. to get my fix.

  8. You nailed it: the lack of good quality burgers is not only an Italian problem though. I remember that in Brussels there was only one good place, which closed though, because the general public couldn't conceive the idea of paying 15$ for a burger. For most people outside the US, a a burger is a fast food burger at 5 bucks with fries and a drink, thank you very much.

    There is nothing wrong with fast food burgers, but there is another world out there, that most people even refuse to acknowledge...

    Before moving to the US, my routine every time I landed in the US (for work or pleasure) was to order a juicy burger. EVERY TIME.

    Good thing Chicago has a lot of good burger places...

  9. Looking at that Beefburger I just can't resist telling you a joke!! LOL
    Up to you wheter you show it or not LOL.

    Q. How can you tell to which clan a Scottish gentleman belongs?

    A. Look under his kilt and if it's a quarter pounder then he's a McDonald.

    Hmm! Pop round for a cuppa sometime.
    Eddie x

  10. Ah Lola, I don't know how long you're planning on having this post run, but the burger (luscious) photo shows up in my sidebar now and has been doing so for days, and I swear it's making me hungrier and hungrier for a good burger... which are rather hard to find in the wilds of northern France... :-) Yes, this is cruel and unusual temptation ! :-)

  11. Oh my gosh, I would happily devour this for breakfast- it looks SO good! Those big fat Burger are calling my name. Delicious choice

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