Oct 4, 2011

Positano for the weekend

Positano for the weekend

It's October, I should be pulling out scarves, sweaters and rain gear; polishing apples and sweeping dried leaves from the doorstep, stowing away summer clothes and beach towels..

Not me.

I'm rubbing aftersun lotion on my brown shoulders after a spectacular secret weekend escape in Positano with my little boy.
Positano for the weekend

We packed a small tote, left on the hush hush and spent two fabulous days swimming, relaxing in the sun, eating seafood and meeting friends in what is said to be the warmest Fall season in 150 years.

Positano for the weekend

We like to catch the Laurito shuttle early, before the crowds. It's a 5 minute sail south of Positano, and the red fish ferries its lido patrons every half hour, despite what's painted on the fish (every 60 mins.)
Positano for the weekend

We found a spot on the rocky beach and waited for Laura to arrive from Amalfi. It was a real treat to finally meet in person after almost two years of knowing each other via web.
Positano for the weekend
Positano for the weekend - mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves Da Adolfo

We ate lunch on the terrace at Da Adolfo, and it was laid back and delicious as usual. I always have the house specialty, a mozzarella antipasto, which is grilled on wild lemon leaves... very tasty. We also slurped zuppa di cozze, sopped up the juices with a loaf of crusty bread and downed a caraffe of chilled white wine with chopped peaches bobbing in it.
Positano for the weekend

After bidding arrivederci to Laura, we were swept away on a friend's motoscafo, and we laughed in the sun, giddy with acceleration and high on beauty.

Positano for the weekend

More snorkeling and swimming at "il germano," a rock formation said to resemble a German soldier's profile. The water is deep deep blue, with patches of emerald green, and the mountains reflect on the surface.

Positano for the weekend

We returned to Positano in time for aperitivo and...
Positano for the weekend

Positano for the weekend

My son couldn't believe it, and neither could I. Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" tune kept ringing in my ears.
Positano for the weekend

...and dinner of course!! Paccheri are a regional type of broad, tube-like pasta whose name means "slaps." These were made with sautéed scampi, and just a few fresh tomatoes thrown in the pan. The Buca di Bacco holds cooking classes in the restaurant kitchen, taught by the charming Executive Chef Andrea Ruggiero. I'd like to join one before the hotel closes for the winter.
Positano for the weekend

One last swim before heading back home yesterday. I have to keep reminding myself it's October.
Positano for the weekend

Ciao Positano, a presto!

Please head over to Ciao Amalfi! for Laura's exquisite reportage of our Laurito rendezvous...


  1. NOW I know what your "perfect day" tweets were all about!

    I'm glad that I can say that I've been 'there'. And can't wait to be there again.....


  2. oh you lucky duck....i am drooling over these fotos of beautiful sights and delectable dishes. the antipasto is to die for. seriously, who would have thought of mozzarella on lemon leaves? ahhh italia.

    and yes, the further south you go in the med, i'm always amazed at how warm the water can be. last year i went swimming in greece on november 15!

  3. I just came back from Italy - it was my endless summer! Your post just invited me back. You know - we stayed at Villa Rucellai because of one of your posts - and it was a highlight! A thousand thanks.

  4. wow what a gorgeous weekend you enjoyed...the scenery is awesome...and i know that he enjoyed it...

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous! I am hoping to be there next October on my honeymoon!

  6. What a heavenly interlude! I am green with envy.

    One of my most fabulous trips was 2 weeks on the Amalfi Drive. I roamed daily from one end to the other and did Capri as well. Someday I hope to go back and do it again.


  7. You went to all my favourite places! I'm so jealous. It must have been perfect!

  8. Oh, these are beautiful photos! I want some of those lemon leaves with mozzo, and the sunshine on that water...gorgeous.

  9. che meraviglia, la mia dorata costiera!! divina costiera!!! bellissime foto, spero di tornarci al piú presto!!

  10. Looks like you had a lovely weekend Eleonora. I am so pleased we are still enjoying lovely sunny weather, and that it hasn't turned too cold yet.

  11. no ho parole!! absolutely fantastic! what a beautiful way to spend time with your little one, che bella vita!

  12. What a great privilege to be able to skip down to Positano for the weekend... Looks like a wonderful time. And what weather! Here it's already cold and wet most of the time.

  13. Such a beautiful place. A much better way to spend the beginning of October than packing clothes away and sweeping up fallen leaves.
    Do you eat the lemon leaves too? I have never heard of that.

  14. Che bello questo post. Mare, splendidi paesaggi e buona cucina, di più non si può chiedere.

  15. Ciao bella,

    Stunning photos. What camera do you use?
    Also love the new header. It's been awhile since I visited. Must come back more often.
    Saluti da NY,

  16. Amazing photos and delicious yet simple looking food! Nice post

  17. Oh wow I love your photos, just beautiful! Thank you for letting me day dream today!

  18. Roseann~
    It's like a good drug, you have to have more ;)

    Amazing! And it's still crazy hot. And I love it.

    I'm sorry we couldn't meet, I have been swamped with work :( but so happy you managed to stay at Villa Rucellai!

    He loved it, and rightly so: the weekend was intended as a prize for being such a trooper and good student, new school etc.

    Oh, Positano is absolute honeymoon material!! Good for you :)

    It's a place where you totally have to return in order to enjoy it like it were the first time all over again!

    So sorry we couldn't meet up this time... :(

    It really was special!

    Te lo auguro anch'io!!

    Looks like we'll be having more of this awesome weather... ;)

    I'm so fortunate! :)

    Oh, no! I'll send some sunshine your way then.

    They lend an amazing flavor, but no the leaves are not edible :)

    Grazie! Sono contenta che ti siano piaciute :)

    I have a Sony Cybershot, a simple little point-and-shoot!

    Grazie della tua visita e del tuo gentile commento!

    Proud Italian Cook~
    I'm happy you enjoyed it! Ciao

  19. I am missing Positano right now...

  20. Enjoyed the day with you and your pictures.

  21. Ahhh ... it was a perfect day!! Your photos do capture what a beautiful weekend it was here. But the best part was meeting you and enjoying this gorgeous Indian Summer together on the beach! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

  22. Beautiful scenery and photographs and so glad you had a great time with your boy. He is very lucky to have a mother like you. Take care ~ Eddie

  23. I adore positano and da adolfo is one of my absolute favorite places! Thank you for the post, it reminded me of why I've already booked my villa for next summer!

  24. Hi Eleonora,

    I was there the weekend they had the Festa del Pesce. I know what you mean about it being October and still getting the chance to jump into the water. It was good to know the water was warm :)

    You sure had some really good meals!

    All the best,

  25. Gorgeously WONDERFUL photos! I'm so glad you were able to have such a fabulous getaway with your little man. :-)

  26. Theresa~
    Me too! :(

    Thank you for traveling with me...

    It was a real treat, and we must absolutely repeat!! Loved your post too!!!

    Aw, you're too sweed Edoardo. I am the lucky one to have him!

    Wonderful! Can I come visit at your villa? I'll cook ;)

    Festa del Pesce is always fun, and especially if you can throw in a few swims too!

    Rambling Tart~
    It was special because he was so happy! Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  27. extremely gorgeous pics, I'm holding myself not to ask the question I normally see in this situation: ( which would be: what camera are you using?)

  28. Monica~
    Thank you for your comment! When I travel I always use a Sony DSC-T90 point-and-shoot compact digital camera. Has 12.1 megapixel definition, awesome lens and excellent stabilizers.